Never Ceese by Sue Dent
Chapter 22 by Angela
Edited by Krystal & Rose

Rodney in search of Richard and Ceese, calls Cassie at her apartment hoping she will pick up. He almost gives up but Cassie finally answers, bitterly, and blasts Rodney with some verbal insults, but he ignores them and tells her to stay at the apartment, he will bring her friends over. When she asks if they are with him, he replies not exactly; he has to find them. Cassie pushes him for more details and he recounts the events of Josh pulling a gun. Cassie flies into hysterics, which causes Rodney to hold the phone at a distance for several minutes. After shes done with her hysterical outburst, Rodney tries to explain that Josh thought it was empty and Henderson had lied to him. Cassie, surprised to hear Henderson’s name, calls Rodney a liar, but he admits that he was sending all her emails from Penny to Henderson this entire time and Henderson is the one who set up the events this evening. Cassie agrees to stay at the apartment, but informs that the minute he returns to start packing.

Questions for consideration:

Where you shocked that Richard revealed his transformation to the gang attacking Rodney?

Why do you think Ceese trust Rodney so much, is it just because of her ability to sense stuff about people?

What do you think of the pain that Rodney felt when Ceese held his hand, what do you think is the cause?

What is your favorite quotes from this Chapter?

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