4 star rating
Nauti Enchantress
Nauti, Book #9
Nauti Girls, Book #2
By Lora Leigh
ISBN#  9780425255995
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

nauti-enchantress-nauti-girls-lora-leighLyrica Mackay has had a crush on former Marine, Graham Brock, since the moment she met him, when she and her sisters were brought to Somerset to live with their brother, Dawg, that they hadn’t known even existed.

Graham is also her best friend, Kye’s older brother.  Kye has made it clear that Graham is off-limits stating that she will end any friendship once her friend hooks up with Graham, and she has done just that with some of the other girls she used to hang out with.

Graham is a playboy plain and simple, always with a new ‘flavor of the month’, ditzy bimbos that don’t know any better, but they give Graham whatever he needs to get through the day … or month.  Little does Lyrica know the reason the flavor brigade started was to tame his hunger for her, a girl he knew he could never have!

These two were content to fight themselves to stay away from one another, each knowing the other was unobtainable.  But it all changes when they get thrown together when Graham steps up to protect Lyrica when it’s clear someone is out to kill her.  Is this someone trying to get back at the Mackays for some transgression of the past or something else entirely?  That’s what Graham and Lyrica’s family must find out … before it’s too late!

I have read a few of Lora Leigh’s series so I knew what I was getting into with this book, with the raw carnal intimacy that is.  But I had not read any of her Nauti books, and doesn’t the name of the series just scream at you what to expect within its pages?  I was worried with it being the 9th Nauti book, that the story arc would be too developed for me to understand what was going on.  But Leigh was kind enough to have it all explained to me!  This book can easily read as a stand-alone since all the information is given to you!

I found that I really enjoyed Lyrica’s overprotective family.  Dawg was probably my favorite, even though I don’t care for his name, I can only assume it’s a nickname he got in the military.  I loved seeing him stand up for his sisters with the smallest of slights against them.  I also loved seeing how he took them in from the moment he learned of them, and how important it was for him that they truly know what it means to be family.  Although I thought his party patrol was a bit over-the-top, it goes right along with his character.  And the little shocker we get with the part he played in putting her with Graham!! I definitely want to go back and read the rests of the books, so I can read Dawg’s story as well!

I thought Graham was a pretty decent character as well.  I loved how quick he was to rush to the rescue when nobody else could get to Lyrica, and all the precautions he was willing to take to keep her safe.  And it’s fun to watch him square off with that over-protective family I mentioned above!  Although I think the intimacy with this couple was a bit rushed, it wasn’t unexpected.  And I’m happy to see that that one dominant male moment that is in just about every Leigh book I’ve read, wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting.  Guess I can forgive Graham for being an overpowering jerk once, and he did apologize, which is more than most do!

I really found myself enjoying Lyrica as well!  Thanks to her brother and cousins, she can think on her feet, defend herself, and do what she must to get out of danger.  I’m not saying that every move she made was smart because it wasn’t, but she definitely wasn’t a little waif that would sit back and take anything that life could deal to her.

I found that I really enjoyed this book.  The ending of Lyrica and Graham’s story was sweet.  I also loved the teaser into the next book as well!  I can’t wait!  But there is always such a long time between releases … guess it gives me time to catch up on the rest of the Mackays with the earlier books in the series!

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