Nauti Angel

Nauti, Book #9

Nauti Girls, Book #5

By Lora Lei

ISBN#  9780399583858

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Angel has been living as a member of the mercenary Calloway family since they found her wondering Iraq, broken body and all, when she was three years old.  The memories of her life before that didn’t come back to her until several years later and she could never get past the fact that her mother abandoned her and her sister, Jenny, that she didn’t even want them.  Jenny ended up dying in Angel’s arms when her mother never came for them.  Now she’s an adult and she knows exactly who her mother is, even though her mother doesn’t know that she’s her daughter.  Her mother is married and has a daughter she loves.  It’s that daughter that brings Angel to them.  Someone tried to abduct Bliss and Angel can’t lose another sister.  However, when Angel goes to offer her help, she is met with resistance and hatred from her mother.  She ends up confessing that she’s Chaya’s daughter, but Chaya doesn’t believe her.  Chaya has hated Angel from the time she came to town and wants her nowhere near her impressionable daughter.   Angel knows where she isn’t wanted and rides off with her foster brothers completely devastated.

However, once the Mackay family realizes Angel was telling the truth they hire her to keep Bliss safe.  They do it in a way that Angel can’t refuse knowing there will be blow-back on her brother’s business if she doesn’t take the job.  Duke Mackay goes with her refusing to let her deal with his family and her emotions on her own.  Duke has been in love with Angel for years and it’s about time that he proves that to her.

The Mackays and Calloways must work together to find out who is after Bliss and Angel and eliminate the threat for good.  But Chaya and Angel must also figure out how to heal their hearts and find a way to become a family once and for all.

I’ll be honest, I really struggled with this book, in the beginning.  I have not read the entire series, but I have read the two or three before this book, but as I was reading I felt like I was really missing something.  I don’t think it was anything from the previous books though, but there was a lot going on in the start of this novel.  I kept going back to the beginning trying to figure out what I was missing.  The Calloways taking Angel in while in Iraq to how she ended up in Kentucky with the MacKays with Chaya being her mom, and Duke’s full name in the synopsis, but going by Duke in the book was pretty confusing at first, but I did eventually get it all straightened out.  And, after the romance kicked in the book flew by!

I enjoyed Angel, her toughness is unmatched, and you can’t help, but feel for the life she’s lead.  And, honestly I’d have been fine if she’d never tried to mend things with Chaya after she was so hateful to Angel.  I do think Angel was injured a bit too much in this book though.

Then there is Duke who I also really enjoyed.  Cocky and sure of himself, but also protective and caring to Angel.  I’m really not sure how Natches goes from punching Duke to acceptance so quickly though.

Speaking of Natches I really enjoyed him as well.  I love how quickly he accepted Angel and became the father that she never had.

This was an enjoyable read, but I have to admit I liked the others I’ve read in the series better, but it’s still a fun way to spend a couple of days though!

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