Source: scifiwire

If there were a real-life tribe of Na’vi, a la James Cameron’s Avatar, who were threatened by an unscrupulous mining company, who do you think they’d turn to for help?

A: a paraplegic Marine downloaded into the body of one of their own? Or B: a Hollywood movie director?

In the cast of the very real Dongria Kondh tribe in eastern India, the answer is B, according to the U.K. Guardian newspaper:

The Dongria Kondh tribe from eastern India today appealed to film director James Cameron to help them stop controversial mining company Vedanta from opening a bauxite mine on their sacred land as they believe that he will understand their plight better than most.

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I’m impressed the Dongria Kondh tribe in India took out an ad in Variety for their cause. It surely brings some attention to their plight and hopefully someone will take notice. What do you think? Do you think Cameron will bite?