4 star

Title:  Napa Christmas

Series:  A Travel Novella #2 (The MacAllesters (William and JJ))

By:  Dawn DeSousa


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Synopsis:  napa-christmas

The best Christmas gifts are homemade…

Jennifer “JJ” Jones has the life she has always wanted, dream job – check, dream man, check. Intrusive new sister-in-law to be, not so much. But becoming engaged to William MacAllester-Moore means fitting into his life and that includes a meddlesome twin sister.

Yet sharing your first Christmas together as a couple is special, especially when an unexpected pregnancy becomes part of the holiday picture. Can JJ keep her secret for three days or will his snoopy twin sister ruin JJ’s chance to give William the best Christmas gift ever?

But one thing is for certain, JJ’s bucket list just got shorter.


A heartwarming tale that left me with a good feeling about love and family.  Newly engaged JJ and William are just navigating the waters of being engaged when JJ discovers she is pregnant.  While she knows this will throw their timelines off, etc. she is equally confident that William will be ecstatic.  JJ wants to surprise William with this news for Christmas!  Now the tough part, keeping it a secret (especially from William’s twin sister Wallis (who let’s just say has a few issues herself). The white lies that are told produced a few chuckle worthy moments throughout this short read.

I enjoyed getting to know JJ along with her pal Jasmine and sister Lauren.  I could just picture the gals when they were singing the following and driving the guys a bit crazy while driving up to Grandma Beth’s house:

So, Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney tonight.”

I liked that William was very attentive and showed great concern when JJ was feeling ill (and she claimed it was bad food).  He doted on her and worried like a mother hen. Great behaviour from a future husband; showing how much he loved her.

The MacAllester family Christmas tradition was super cool and I was happy that JJ wanted to preserve this tradition just for the MacAllester’s.  Just brought out the warm and fuzzies in me

All in all, a fun loving, chuckle worthy, light-hearted Christmas time romance that left me feeling happy that I had picked this novella up and read it.