My Favorite Cowboy

Heart of Texas, Book #3

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781250169020

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Caleb Harper and his brother, Brice, have built a successful ranch where they raise and train horses.  However, things have not always come as easy to Caleb as growing the ranch has.  His life changed forever the moment their mother walked out on them.  Caleb was only six years old at the time and the scars go deeper than anybody suspected.  He has always thought it was his fault their mom left and that he didn’t deserve love.  Therefore, he knows that he will never settle down like his siblings have and instead goes through women like someone with a cold goes through tissues.  One night stands are much easier than trying for a relationship that would be doomed from the start anyway.

Audrey Martinez is a successful equine veterinarian in the area and is highly sought after by the local ranches in the area.  She works exclusively with two ranches and does rescue work on the side.  As, per her agreement with the ranches she isn’t allowed to see to any other horses.  However, when a family friend, David, finds himself with horses getting sick at his auction house with no known cause she rushes to help solve the mystery.   Not to mention, to try to prevent other animals from getting ill.

After seeing the sick horses Audrey suspects foul-play and David calls in favors from Brice and Caleb Harper and their brother-in-law, Clayton East.  The men stay on the property to protect Audrey and her sister while they tend to the horses and to try to catch whoever is hurting them.  But once it becomes clear, whoever is doing this isn’t trying to hurt David, but a beautiful vet instead, Caleb refuses to leave Audrey’s side.  And, when sparks ignite between the couple Caleb has to decide if it’s fight or flight time.  Fight for a chance at love or flee before he gets hurt?

I’m really enjoying this series from Donna Grant, which is a great relief since I have grown bored with her paranormal titles of late.  I have to say that she can really weave a story when she puts her mind to it!

I adore the Harper brothers and it’s been nice watching them grow-up.  My heart breaks for Caleb and what he’s gone through after seeing his mother leave them.  I’m not sure how any parent could do that to her children.  Despite all of that, Caleb has grown into a good man thanks to Abby and Clayton and the rest of the East family.  He’s a bit damaged due to what his mom put him through, but it’s nothing that the loving of a good woman can’t fix.  If he will let her, that is!

Audrey has devoted her life to her career.  And, after watching her father be destroyed by her mother’s death, she, like Caleb, isn’t sure she can ever give her heart to someone to crush it.  These two are more alike than they realize which only makes it harder for them to finally give in to their deepest desires.

This was a great book.  The epilogue was sugar-sweet and left me wishing it was just a little longer so we could see more of this great couple.  There are still plenty of other characters in the book so I’m hoping this series continues so we can see more of the people we’ve grown to love.  Jace and Cooper definitely need their own books after all!  And, I wouldn’t be upset if Jace and Maddy had a romance blooming … although how they’d ever be able to have enough food in the house for the two of them is anybody’s guess!  We also need to see more of Brice and Naomi after the news they just received.  As, you can tell I’m already dying to get my hands on the next book!  However, I’ll have to sit and impatiently wait!  Good thing Grant is a quick writer!  Hopefully she doesn’t hold out on us for too long.

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