My Ex’s Secret Baby
By Natasha L. Black

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Nicole Laurence just moved from small town California to the big city of New York to live with her mom and stepdad.  She’s interviewing for the perfect job, but she finds herself dumbstruck when she walks in to see the person interviewing her is her ex-boyfriend, Blake!  He broke her heart when he moved to New York and later ended their long-distance relationship so he could focus on his job.

Blake never got over Nicole and he doesn’t want the opportunity to reconnect to pass him by.  However, he never expected his company’s board members to make the archaic demands they just presented him with.  Get married and produce an heir or be out of a job!  He has no intention of meeting those demands, but knows he needs to at least pretend he’s doing what they asked.  Nicole is the only woman he’d ever want to marry so now he just needs to get her to go along with faking an engagement!  But will their true feelings for one another destroy everything or make their ruse stronger?

I went into this story not expecting much from it.  It wasn’t nearly as smutty as I had anticipated though.  I found the storyline to be rather slow and dull nonetheless.  The rekindling of the relationship went at a tedious pace.  Both characters seemed to be in denial of their true feelings for most of the story.  And, I expected the pregnancy to come much sooner than it did considering the title of the book.  That didn’t come up until the book was nearly over!

This book was okay, but nothing to write home about and overall it was really unrealistic.