Murphy’s Law
By Jennifer Lowery
ISBN# 9781616504441
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*Spoiler Alert*


Home is the last place Jon Murphy can go. After being held captive in Tazbekistan, he returns to the States only to find he can’t face his mom and sisters with what he did while he was a prisoner, so he retreats to the mountains.

Widow Sara Sheldon has made a lifetime of mistakes and is now running scared from her husband’s powerful family, who are determined to take her daughter away from her. When her little girl goes missing in the Rockies, Sara enlists the only help she can find: a gruff recluse with tracking skills to admire and a body to covet.

A storm strands Sara and her daughter at Murphy’s cabin, leaving her no choice but to hope her in-laws don’t catch up while she plans where to run next. Murphy resents the invasion of his privacy, but can’t seem to keep his mind–or his hands–off Sara. How can she stand to look at him, with all his scars? He’s not nearly as honorable as she might think…only enough to make sure she’s safe, and then he’ll go back to being alone, the way he should be. (Goodreads)


I really enjoyed this story, it’s only 194 pages but it feels like a complete novel. Its  fast-paced and full of action, with well developed characters and story. This caught my eye when I saw the daughter was deaf. I’m always personally interested in stories where there are deaf characters. Other than letting us know she is deaf it doesn’t delve deeply into deafness or deaf culture. She does however, let us know that she is a typical young girl and also, shows how Jon starts communicating with her without “Sign Language”, using what he has, body language and concrete things. It was a sweet part of the story.
The only thing that kept me from giving this story five stars was at the ending, I just could not buy that Sara would let the mother-in-law come stay and be part of her daughter’s life at that point. I could perhaps see it happening way in the future but after everything this woman did to Sara, it just didn’t fit. Perhaps, I’m a bit cynical.
Love, love, love Sara and how she says what she is feeling in a way that’s not threatening but just stating how she feels in a matter-of-fact way. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Cindy Gerard, Tara Janzen. or Cherry Adair series. Each of these writers have the same flavor with a secret ingredient in their stories as does Jennifer Lowery. Great story!