5 star rating
Murder of a Needled Knitter
A Scumble River Mystery, Book #16
By Denise Swanson
ISBN# 9780451416513
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School psychologist Skye Denison has been waiting forever for her happily-ever-after with police Chief Wally Boyd. But her bliss threatens to unravel on the very first day of their luxurious honeymoon cruise, when Skye becomes convinced that she has glimpsed her mother on board! Surely even momzilla May wouldn’t have manipulated Wally into booking the same trip that her knitting group is taking…or would she?

May’s possible presence can’t cool Skye and Wally’s ardor on their personal Love Boat, but discovering knitting expert Guinevere Stallings as she lies dying from a stab wound leaves them untangling the clues of yet another murder investigation rather than getting tangled in the sheets. Since Skye found the body, she’s considered a top suspect, but she’s far from the only one. Guinevere’s imperious ways needled nearly everyone, and she left an impressive number of enemies. It’s up to the crafty newlyweds to figure out which of the wronged parties was angry enough to cast Guinevere off…permanently.


Skye and her husband Wally Boyd are on their honeymoon cruise enjoying the start of married life. Somehow Skye keeps seeing someone she could swear is her mother May. That could not be possible though could it? Her mother and father were going on a knitting cruise, but there is no way May would leave Scrumble River right now. Not when her first grandchild was due. Then Skye and Wally see her best friend Trixie and her husband Owen. It looks like the honeymoon is going to be a bit crowded.

May and Jed are indeed on the same cruise as part of the knitting group. And there is one serious black cloud raining on this parade. Her name is Guinevere Stallings and she is the expert in charge of the knitting group. Guinevere seems to anger and prod and cause problems wherever she goes. May and Guinevere even tangle at a show for all to see and security gets involved. Everyone wants her gone, but not everyone wants her dead. Skye and Trixie are the unfortunate ones who walk in just as the killer is making their get away.

Since the fight between the victim and May was so public, she becomes the number one suspect. The laws and lack of forensics at sea are not up to the task to find the killer. So to save May and get justice for the victim, Skye, Wally and gang decide to solve the murder. The gang follows leads, search for possible suspects and using Skye’s abilities as a psychologist, interrogate them. All the while trying to enjoy the cruise and get some private time for the newlyweds.

The Scrumble River cozy series is one of my favorites. Ms Swanson’s writing is fast-paced, full of fun and always a great mystery. The characters are well developed and enjoyable. I would recommend this to any cozy lover. You do not have to read the series in order to enjoy this and every other book in it. Ms Swanson keeps you guessing until the very end. It is always a pleasure to visit Scrumble River and the characters that live there.

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