‘We’re all hitting the gym pretty hard ‘ Kellan told MTV News.

“Oh, it’s exciting, man,” Jackson Rathbone told MTV News about recent meetings the actors have had with David Slade. “We’ve all met with him. We’ve all been up to Vancouver doing training and getting ready for all the action.”

” ‘Eclipse’ is big on fighting, so Jasper trains all of us,” Lutz said of a key sequence. “All of us characters are actually going through fight training, stunt training. We’re all hitting the gym pretty hard.”

Kellan Lutz said he can’t wait to unleash Emmett in full form. “You can’t really do scenes like that, that are so crucial. You need to know what you’re doing, you need to know how to take blocks, how to go on the offense … It’s a lot of training, but it’s great when we’re all done … and get to shoot it.”

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Another wonderful interview with inside-look. What do you think about all this training – is it really so necessary? And are you looking forward to the fight-scenes in ‘Eclipse’?