Little Red Riding Hood” is one of the creepier folktales out there. A young girl goes skipping through a dark forest, bound for her sick grandmother’s house with a basket full of food. Along the way she encounters a wolf, who advises her to bring flowers. While Little Red is dilly-dallying, the wolf runs ahead to poor grandma’s house and eats her, disguising himself as the poor lady. Then he eats Red when she arrives, only to be saved by a wandering hunter who cuts the two free, fills the wolf’s body with stones and drowns him.

Pleasant, right? There have actually been numerous variations on the story, and now it looks like we’ll be getting one more. Variety reports that Leonardo DiCaprio has picked up the rights to “Little Red Riding Hood” under his Appian Way banner. The trade reports that the project will serve up a “Gothic reimagining” of the fairy tale, with a script from “Orphan” writer David Leslie Johnson.

With all of the “Twilight” popularity raging across the globe, I think a werewolf is our likely candidate for the antagonist in Appian’s take on the tale. I suppose a vampire is possible, but that might be a bit too obvious, don’t you think? Regardless, with twisted reimaginings like Tim Burton‘s “Alice in Wonderland” and the “Little Red”-inspired art computer game “The Path” out there, I’m pleased to hear that the classic story will be getting the big screen treatment, one that fully embraces its twisted roots.

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This could be interesting don’t you think? I am all for taking a fairytale like this one and making it scary and dark! And…I will see anything that has werewolves in it! Although just between you and I, I prefer Vamps; sparkly ones thank you very much! 😉

Will you see this movie?

Who do you think could play Red Riding Hood?

Is Leo just jumping on the vamps and werewolves bandwagon here?