Priest,” starring Paul Bettany of “The Da Vinci Code” and “Twilight” star Cam Gigandet, is set to debut in theaters across the globe in just over a year. Lest you think an August 2010 release date is unrealistic for the manga adaptation, Sony Pictures is providing proof that “Priest” is far from in need of a prayer.

The official website for “Priest” is now online, debuting the very first look at the film’s star Paul Bettany as the titular priest. While a first look at Gigandet has yet to arrive, this initial shot of Bettany is enough to inform prospective viewers that this vampire tale is a far cry from the comparatively tame “Twilight” franchise.

Check it out here.

I haven’t read this or even heard of it before.But, it sounds really cool and looks interesting. I will definitely read up on this, I want to know more. I guess I just cannot get enough of the Vamps! I love Paul Bettany and how can you go wrong with Cam’s hotness?

Do you like the promo pic?

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