Mrs. Jeffries Delivers the Goods

Mrs. Jeffries, Book #37

By Emily Brightwell

ISBN13: 9780451492227

Author website: www(.)emilybrightwell(.)com


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When poison fells a crude, self-important member of society, Mrs. Jeffries and Inspector Witherspoon realize they are dealing with a madman who intends to kill again in this all new installment in the beloved, New York Times bestselling Victorian Mystery series.

On a cold night in February, Wiggins, the young footman for Inspector Witherspoon, attends the Lighterman’s Ball held at the Wrexley Hotel with his friend. He, along with the rest of the room, watch in horror as Stephen Bremmer goes into spasms and abruptly dies while sitting at the head table. Mrs. Jeffries and the others are shocked that one of their own was at the scene of Inspector Witherspoon’s latest homicide investigation.

The victim happened to be a boorish Oxford-educated snob who felt that because of an accident of birth he was entitled to anything and anyone he wanted. Yet Stephen Bremmer was barely literate, lazy, and prone to making stupid mistakes. His biggest mistake was trying to blackmail someone who even more arrogant than himself.

This is not the first time murder has cast its pall on the Wrexley, and the owners and management are not pleased that it has happened again. But Inspector Witherspoon, Mrs. Jeffries and their household are on the case. It isn’t long before they uncover a maze of hidden motives, unrequited love, and the terrifying rage of a killer who won’t stop.


Mrs. Jeffries Delivers the Goods is the 37th installment in author Emily Brightwell’s Mrs. Jeffries series. Yes, I said the 37th book. That is a real accomplishment. And the series is still fresh and enjoyable. I have to admit I have not read all 37 books in the series. I came to it rather late. It was easy to pick up the rhythm and characteristics of the people in this series. All of the books seem to be able to be read as standalone books too. Now on to this book. Once again I really enjoy all the players in this series. Without the help of Mrs. Jeffries and her cohorts who knows if Inspector Witherspoon would be so successful. Thank goodness he does not need to find out and neither do we.

The Lighterman’s Ball is being held at the Wrexley Hotel, the place of another mystery involving the characters. Mrs. Jeffries is shocked to find out that one of their groups is in attendance when a man is poisoned. Stephen Bremmer was not cared for by anyone. No one is going to mourn his death, but the Inspector (and therefore Mrs. Jeffries and friends) will still need to stop this murderer. Bremmer was rude, lazy, and definitely had quite a few enemies. With the help of the household staff and friends, Mrs. Jeffries is able to get pertinent information about possible suspects and motives.

There are many suspects and even more motives in the mystery. Each member of Mrs. Jeffries group delves into the hunt for answers. Along the way, we get a glimpse at their lives and happenings too. This mystery was full of intrigue and suspense. The characters are charming, intelligent and so entertaining. With so many suspects, and motives, I could not figure out the killer until almost the end. So many things going on and yet author Emily Brightwell is able to present them in such a way that they are never confusing. Her writing style is easy to read and quite enjoyable.

Mrs. Jeffries is such a wonderful protagonist. Her group of amateur detectives is a mix of different social and economic levels. I really enjoy this series and always get wrapped up in their investigations. This 37th installment of author Brightwell’s long running series is just as fresh and entertaining as any of the ones I have read. Thankfully the series shows no signs of stopping. If you are a fan of the English cozy mystery, this is a hit that you will adore. Mrs. Jeffries Delivers the Goods can definitely be read as a standalone and all of the books in this series can be read in any order,  really. This is another book in the Mrs. Jeffries series that truly delivers the goods.


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