Grace – Movie Review

Written by OBS Staff Member Rose

Rated R for Bloody Images, Violence and some Sexual Content

Synopsis: Madeline is eight months pregnant.  She is not keen on Western medicine practices and opts to have her baby delivered by her friend who is a midwife.  After a tragic accident her baby dies within her womb and she decides to carry it to term naturally. The baby is born within the confines of her friend’s birthing center which doubles as the home of the midwife.  Miraculously the baby, born stillborn, comes to life.

Review: Oh Grace, I have one word for you, WOAH!  I had no idea how this movie would play out and boy was I completely wrong in my predictions. Considering she thought her baby was dead, it’s no surprise Madeline becomes obsessed with making sure her baby is all right.  As events unfold it turns borderline psychotic. She practically becomes a hermit, refusing to go to the hospital even though something is definitely wrong with her baby and there is certainly something wrong with Madeline too. Flies start accumulating in the baby’s room and she won’t take to her milk. Let’s just say little baby Grace has an unusual appetite.  You ask yourself is the baby really alive, or is it really dead and she’s just hallucinating?

The blood and gore is aplenty in this film, I was hooked from the beginning. Not for its plausibility, but for its sheer absurdity. If your sitting with a companion while watching this movie, you will surely throw a few looks in each others direction with your eyebrows furrowed.  I can’t say too much or I’ll give away the thrill of seeing it for one’s self.  While bizarre, the movie is quite suspenseful, intense and well done.

Rating: 7/10 stars
Running time: 85 minutes