Van Helsing

Rating: PG-13

Brought to you by OBS staff member Annabell Cadiz

Van Helsing is set around the turn of the 20th century where we follow the legendary slayer of monsters Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman). Helsing is commissioned by the Catholic Church to purse Count Dracula (Richard Roxburg) who they believe is murdering people and is planning something very deadly. Van travels to Transylvania to help the last two remaining members of a family of royal guards who declared they would not enter Heaven until Dracula and all his kin have been destroyed. The brother of the family is taken and transformed into a werewolf (Will Kemp). The only remaining member is Anna Valerious (Kate Beckinsale). Anna and Van Helsing set out to stop the sinister plot Dracula has in mind and bring an end to his rule.

Van Helsing is a movie with fast paced action, lush visual effects, and one thrill ride after another. The movie from the beginning moves quickly and gives you the basics of the storyline. Van Helsing is geared more toward those who love horror/fantasy adventures with more action than character development.

Hugh Jackman takes on the role of Van Helsing. Looking like a mixture of double-oh-seven and Indiana Jones, he’s totally mouth watering to watch. He is quick to action and hot headed but at the same time broken and caring. Hugh Jackman is able to bring dimension to the character as much as he can in such a fantasy driven movie. Ricahrd Roxburgh as Dracula is ABSOULTELY perfect! He is suave, unremorseful, and dark. Richard plays the vampire role like it was always meant to be played: completely evil and powerful! Kate Beckinsale is so beautiful it’s unfair! As Anna Valerious she is sassy, determined, and proves women are just as good as kicking butt as men (and in stiletto boots no less!) David Wenham as the genius, nerdy, slightly cowardous sidekick adds great humor to the otherwise dark, action intense film.

For any of you who despise CGI effects, who are looking for a movie geared more toward the actual history and folklore of the stories explored through Van Helsing, or want to watch a movie that’s slow paced enough to capture a big story line and develop each character, then Van Helsing wouldn’t be a movie for you.

But for anyone in love with legends of Dracula and the Wolf man, anyone who loves action and fantasy then Van Helsing is a perfect fitting movie for you!

Running Time: 131 minutes

Director: Stephen Sommers

Rating: 9/10 stars