Nanny McPhee

Rating: PG

Written by OBS Staff member Annabell Cadiz

Nanny McPhee is centered around Mr. Brown and his seven children. He has lost his wife to illness and has had to hire seventeen nannies to help care for his children. The problem is every nanny he hires runs away and quits from how horrible his children misbehave. Just as the seventeenth nanny leaves, a mysterious voice tells Mr. Brown he should hire Nanny McPhee as his new nanny. Nanny McPhee, through her very special gifts, helps to not only straighten the children out but help their father find true love again and bring a family back together.

I LOVED this movie! Nanny McPhee was so simple and heart warming. Colin Firth as the loopy yet loveable father is so much fun! Emma Thompson as Nanny McPhee is wonderful! Even when she wasn’t even speaking and only uttering “Hm,” Emma Thompson still managed to make you laugh. Imelda Staunton who plays Mrs. Blatherwick the cook is ABSOULTELY FANATASIC! She is so over the top crazy in a laugh out loud way!

I love that Nanny McPhee wasn’t made to look “flawlessly” beautiful. She has a big nose, warts and moles and a big tooth sticking from her mouth. She never raises her voice. She just subtlety outsmarts the children to help them learn the lessons she sets out to teach them.

Nanny McPhee wasn’t “dumbed down” to suit children. Instead the movie teaches children how much manners matter, to be responsible for your own actions, and beauty comes from within.

Nanny McPhee is clever and inventive. A movie that will keep both children and adults laughing from the beginning!

Running Time: 97 minutes

Director: Kirk Jones

Rating: 10/10 stars