How Old-Fashioned Makeup Effects Created The Wolfman

By Meredith Woerner at io9

Rick Baker, the FX and make-up master behind Videodrome and An American Werewolf in London, took us behind the werewolf mask on Wolfman. Check out this new video, along with the discarded Wolfman rock score.

In other Wolfman news, the internet has unearthed Paul Haslinger’s rejected rock score for the Wolfman movie. We’re kind of happy they went back to the Danny Elfman music.

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Five Reasons Christopher Nolan Shouldn’t Oversee Superman

By C. Robert Cargill at Seattle Pi
Look, I need to say upfront that Christopher Nolan is a genius. Memento is one of the greatest films of the last decade and easily a top 100 film if ever there was one — crazed, inventive, and dripping with brilliance. His Batman reboot Batman Begins was a fantastic comic book movie, getting an abused franchise back on its feet when it needed it most. And, well, The Dark Knight is about as good a superhero movie as we have any right to ask for. It broke conventions, shattered box-office records, and proved once and for all that audiences were ready for mature, intelligent comic book movies. All that said, Christopher Nolan is the wrong, wrong, wrong person to oversee Superman.

Once The Dark Knight‘s success was written in stone, the top brass at Warner Bros. held a meeting to discuss the future of their comic franchises. Realizing that there was a tremendous future in mature stories, they came out of that meeting announcing something that at once elated comic book fans while simultaneously terrifying them. They stated publicly that they had seen the light and from here on out WB would be producing “dark” comic book movies with mature themes. “YAY!” And they were starting with Superman. “Wait, say what?”

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Cameron: Everyone wants Avatar 2, but it’s not a done deal

by Patrick Lee at Sci Fi Wire
In the first of three new snippets from MTV, director James Cameron reveals that he’s still not 100 percent on board for an Avatar sequel, below.

“I’m thinking about what the next feature will be, and another Avatar is a strong possiblity,” Cameron tells MTV’s Josh Horowitz.

But, the director adds, “Got some deal hurdles to get over,” without elaborating. “It’s never really been properly worked out, let’s put it that way.” But Cameron says that everyone is “highly motivated” to get a sequel underway.

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I have to agree that Superman shouldn’t be revamped exactly like Batman. Superman won’t be good that dark; part of the appeal (for me, anyway) is that ease and lightness. More realistic would be good, but not to dark. And I love when movies use old techniques to make movies; when you use too much CG it dates the movie because the effects will look fake in a few years. Godzilla fake.

What did you think of the video? Do you want an Avatar sequel? What do you want to see in the new Superman?