Jodelle Ferland Cast as ‘Katniss’ in The Hunger Games

by Tony at Zimbio
Actress Jodelle Ferland’s career is on the up and up.  First, she rocked the red carpet for the Twilight film ‘Eclipse’.  Ferland plays a vampire in the uber-successful teen franchise.

Now, rumor has it that Ferland has been selected to play the lead role of ‘Katniss’ in the movie version of ‘The Hunger Games’.

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The Hunger Games Director Looks to be Gary Ross

via The HD Room
The Hunger Games director candidate Gary Ross (Seabiscuit, Pleasantville) showed up at the American Film Market to promote the film alongside producer Nina Jacobson. His appearance all but confirms Lionsgate has found their man to helm at least the first film in the planned trilogy, though the studio has yet to formally announce Ross is on board.

Lionsgate sees some youthful Twilight potential in The Hunger Games’ films which is why they’ve been moving quickly towards getting the first film into production.

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Johnny Depp to shiver Dame Judi Dench’s timbers in new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie

By Baz Bamigboye at The Daily Mail
Judi Dench just couldn’t resist the opportunity of a risque romp with Johnny Depp.

Director Rob Marshall asked her if she’d shoot a cameo role in On Stranger Tides, the fourth episode of the Pirates Of The Caribbean adventure.

For starters, Judi had fun working with Marshall on the movie musical Nine — and she and Depp have screen history. They were in the movie ­Chocolat ten years ago, so there was a sense of anniversary in the air.

On Stranger Tides, which stars Depp, Penelope Cruz (also a Nine alumna) and Geoffrey Rush, starts with a chase sequence — described as a bit like Charlie Chaplin getting away from the Keystone Kops — involving Depp’s character Captain Jack Sparrow.

Cap’n Jack escapes into a carriage belonging to a noblewoman, played by Judi. As he ravishes her, he ­manages to rob her.

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The new Spider-Man finds his Uncle Ben and Aunt May

By Don Kaye at Blastr
It looks like the rebooted Spider-Man franchise has found actors to play Peter Parker’s beloved Uncle Ben and Aunt May.

According to Heatvision, Martin Sheen is in final negotiations to play Uncle Ben, while Sally Field is in talks to play Aunt May.

In Spidey mythology, Uncle Ben and Aunt May raise young Peter after the death of his parents, but it’s Uncle Ben’s murder at the hands of a burglar—a crime Peter could have prevented—that puts Peter on the path to use his spider-powers for the good of society and not for personal gain. The frail yet feisty Aunt May remains his one true family member, whom he is often called upon to protect.

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What do you think of Jodelle Ferland as Katniss? Are you excited for Pirates 4 or the new Spiderman?