Guillermo del Toro Comments More on Hobbit Departure

My commitment to the project demanded enormous sacrifices both in personal and professional terms. The consequences of which will ripple for years. I relocated my entire life and family to New Zealand and first came on board in 2008.

So- while the cited delays, contractual complexities or obstacles, cannot be attributed to a single event or entity – you will simply have to believe that they were of sufficient complexity and severity to lead to the current situation. Trust me on this, Pasi- leaving NZ and the Hobbit crew is extremely painful.

As stated before- a wealth of designs, animatics, boards and sculptures is left behind representing accurately my ideas for Mirkwood, Spiders, Wargs, Stone Trolls, etc, etc and everyone (PJ, FW, PB and myself) has the same goal in mind: to try and ensure the best possible transition of the movie to a new director.

I believe these films will happen. Preproduction continues as we speak. The writing team of PJ,FW,PB and myself will keep moving the screenplays forward.

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Major Indy 5 News: Bermuda Triangle, the last of Harrison Ford

Were you disappointed in the last Indiana Jones film, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? According to the major developments we learned today from Stuff magazine, you won’t be disappointed with the next Indiana Jones film—which will really be the last.

According to an inside source, Harrison Ford has agreed to come back as the archaeologist and adventurer one more time, and will be given an “emotional and exciting” sendoff: “Harrison is on stand-by for filming next year. This looks like … an emotional and exciting conclusion to the franchise, with Indy facing his biggest challenge yet.”

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Sneak peek at three new Transformers 3 vehicles

We’re going to be seeing plenty of new sidekick Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Transformers 3. But we already know what she looks like. What about the new vehicles?

Thanks to a U.S. Army Sky Warriors member who took a few pics of the Transformers 3 vehicles while waiting to film and posted them to Flickr—to an account that now seems shut down—we’re getting our first look.

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Rick Baker’s ‘Wolfman’ regrets: ‘I hoped it would bring back monster movies’

GB: There are certain characters and films that carry a special resonance with them and I would imagine in your area of specialty, the Wolf Man has to be on a very short of list of truly classic and unique properties. Talk about that legacy and also the challenges that come with it.

RB: It was the Universal films that made me want to do what I do. “Frankenstein,” “Dracula,” “The Mummy,” “Creature from the Black Lagoon” — it’s what hooked me. “That’s what I want to do, I want to make monsters.” And especially “The Wolf Man.” And when I heard they were going to do a new film I knew I wanted to do. I never pursue stuff, I’m kind of stupid that way, I’m not really a good businessman. I like when somebody calls me because they want to use me. But with this one, I didn’t to let it go by. I went and talked to someone at Universal and said, “If this is really going to happen and it’s going to put a person into makeup — as it should be done — then you got to use me. I really want to do this.” I was begging. I was glad to hear they wanted to use me, first of all. But then, like you said, then the reality hits and you think of the challenges. I need to make an homage to the Jack Pierce makeup, but I also need to modernize it and make it work for a modern audience. Are they going to accept a guy with hair on his face? It was a daunting task.

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What do you think about what Del Torro had to say about The Hobbit? Do you believe it will ever get made?

I was not impressed with the last Indy movie. Did you like it? Do you think they should keep making more?