International Trailer for ‘Inception’ Has More Scenes With Ken Watanabe

via Ace Show Biz
An international trailer for “Inception” has been debuted on Japanese TV during an interview with one of the stars, Ken Watanabe. Mixing scenes from the previously released sneak peek videos, the new trailer also includes some never-before-seen footage which feature the Asian actor.

The upcoming film focuses on Dom Cobb, an expert in stealing people’s secrets through their dream. His rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved.
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‘Splice’ Director Vincenzo Natali on His New Film and the Future of ‘Neuromancer’

By Jenni Miller at Black Book Mag
In [Splice], Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley play unusually good-looking geneticists who let their ambitions get the better of them when they create Dren, a strangely beautiful creature of mixed human and animal DNA. Things get wacky, and, well, you’ll have to see the thing to find out what we mean by that.

I understand that your point of inspiration was the Vacanti mouse experiment.
The Vacanti mouse was such a shocking image because it was basically a naked mouse with what appeared to be a human ear growing out of its back. It wasn’t a real ear. In fact, it wasn’t even a genetic experiment, but it was such a powerful image, and I think part of its power came from how vulnerable the mouse looked. I immediately identified with it. I really felt for it. It was speaking to some pretty strange avenues that are now opening up to us with the advent of this new technology, so I really think from its very earliest stages, Splice always put the emphasis, the emotional connection, on the creature.

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Movie soundtracks are designed to freak us out on an evolutionary level

By Cyriaque Lamar at io9
According to evolutionary biologists, movie music contains “unexpected” sounds that trigger primal reactions from audiences. In other words, our brains are hardwired to respond with fear to the Jaws soundtrack.

In a study led by evolutionary ecologist Daniel Blumstein of UCLA and published in the journal Biology Letters, researchers analyzed popular horror, drama, war, and adventure films for “non-linear analogues.”

These manipulated soundtracks contrast with the organic sounds of nature. For example, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds relied on synthesized, artificial bird calls. No wonder Jaws made everyone afraid of sharks, what with John Williams’ jarring score.
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“Atlas Shrugged” to Begin Filming Next Month

from Worst Previews
For the last two decades Hollywood has unsuccessfully tried to bring Ayn Rand’s 1,100 page “Atlas Shrugged” to the big screen. Now comes word that John Aglialoro, who paid $1 million for the book rights over seventeen years ago, is tired of waiting and has now announced that he is financing the film himself. He has set a June 11th production start in Los Angeles and the project will be the first of four films made from the book.

Aglialoro is only weeks away from production and he has yet to cast actors to play Dagny Taggart, Hank Rerden, John Galt and other role. He is currently in talks with Charlize Theron and Maggie Gyllenhall to play Taggart. Word is that negotiations will fall apart, since both actresses are not willing to begin work by next month.

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20 Vampire Movies that break the Vampire Mould

By GreenGoblin at
There’s more than just Dracula, Lost Boys, Fright Night etc. of having the same old vampires of bloodsucking, to fangs to sun burning etc. even in novels, stories, TV shows, comics and movies because there are other breeds of vampires in world mythology such as in Africa, South America, Hawaii, Australia, Asia, New Zealand and even in Native American/Native Canadian myths.

1. The Hunger (1983): Excellent example of how a vampire isn’t the same creature you see in Ann Rice, Buffy, Dracula or Blade! John and Miriam played by David Bowie and Catherine Devenue are of the Egyptian breed of vampires where they have no fangs but sharp as razor blades human teeth that can still infect a human (Much like the ones in Near Dark and Twilight) and walk in the daylight without being killed, but they also have a sharp object to slit throats then suck blood and can age rapidly if not given treatment of more blood. They can be killed in the chest.

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What did you think of the new Inception trailer? Have you seen any of the movies on the different vampire list?