20 Movies Better Than The Books They Were Based On It’s a familiar complaint, whenever books are re-imagined for film, fans and critics always cry that the novel is better than the movie. Well here are 20 cases where the surprising opposite holds true. Most all the books on this list are great reads themselves, so there’s definitely no disrespect intended, the characters and stories simply managed to shine a little brighter on screen.

20. The Graduate
19. Atonement
18. Schindler’s List
17. Big Fish
16. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
15. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
14. The Virgin Suicides
13. Stand by Me
12. Psycho
11. The Postman Always Rings Twice
10. The English Patient
9. The Princess Bride
8. Ben-Hur
7. The Wizard of Oz
6. Gone with the Wind
5. The Bourne Identity
4. Forrest Gump
3. The Shawshank Redemption
2. Fight Club
1. The Godfather

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Mostly I can agree to this list – what about you?

New Teaser Trailer for Tim Burton’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND Don’t get too excited for this new Alice in Wonderland teaser trailer, it actually has a new shot of Johnny Depp as the Madd Hatter and a couple other things that you probably won’t even notice. It actually seems like there is less in this teaser trailer than the footage we have already seen. Disney should have put a little more effort into this thing.

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Not much new – but I love every little bit new about Tim Burtons ‘Alice’ imagination. What about you?

Sci-Fi Bleeds Into Vampire Flick Daybreakers Vampires turn into high-tech blood farmers in Daybreakers, a futuristic film set in a world where the human population has been decimated by hungry hordes of undead bloodsuckers.
The futuristic hemoglobin factories (pictured) look like something out of The Matrix: Humans stacked in a nightmare installation have their blood sucked out for vampires’ consumption.

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I like the plot and the trailer also looks promising. Do you also look forward to watch the movie in January 2010?