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Who Will Direct Deadpool?

The story that’s unfolded around who will direct “Deadpool,” the Ryan Reynolds movie based on the Marvel antihero, has been almost as colorful as anything that appeared in the comic book itself. Robert Rodriguez was going to helm it, then he wasn’t, then he was, and now he’s not.

But sources familiar with the project say a new name has emerged for the director’s chair, and it’s an unconventional one: Adam Berg, a heretofore little-known Swedish commercial and video director.

Berg has never directed a feature before, but he gained plenty of acclaim with  “Carousel,” a stylish short made for Philips Electronics that won the prestigious Cannes Lions International Advertising prize.

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Sigourney Weaver Playing a Vamp

Source: Los Angeles Times

Everything sucks these days.” Sigourney Weaver said that with a wink when I asked about her just completed work with director Amy Heckerling on a vampire film — yes, that’s right,  there’s yet another vampire project on the way.

“A daughter of a friend of mine says that — ‘Everything sucks these days’ —  because there are vampires everywhere on TV and in movies. This one is kind of a goofy comedy about these two nice young vampires who are trying to go straight. I play someone who is absolutely dyed-in-the-wool vampire, I just love what I do, I love killing people and drinking their blood.”

The film, due next year, is called “Vamps.” It’s a modern-day tale of love and blood-slurping in Manhattan starring Alicia Silverstone (who memorably starred in writer-director Heckerling’s “Clueless” in 1995 ) and Krysten Ritter as attractive undead women who find themselves at a crossroads moment in their immortality.


Transformers 3 logo revealed

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A new promo video from “Transformers 3” has been debuted by Entertainment Tonight. It offers glimpses of footage from the set in Chicago where the cast and crew filmed explosive scenes. Towards the end of the video, the movie logo is also unveiled, confirming “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” as the title.

Via ET Online, they also release another video featuring brief interviews with the actors on the set. “This is the best Transformers movie we’ve made,” Shia LaBeouf tells Mark Steines from ET. “It has the best set pieces, it’s the best script we’ve had so far, and we’ve had more time and prep. … I just think it’s a stronger movie and I think we’ve learned from our mistakes.”

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