By Sheila Roberts at Collider: Viggo Mortensen Interview THE ROAD
Directed by John Hillcoat, The Road is an adventure story, a horror story, a road movie and ultimately a love story between a father and his son and a man and his wife. It’s also a celebration of the inextinguishable will to live, a thrilling evocation of human endurance and an unflinching examination of people at their worst – and at their best.

Q: Can you talk about what it was about this role and the themes in this film that really resonated with you as an actor?

VM: Well I liked the idea of getting to a point where you stop making excuses for your behavior, justifying not doing the right thing. I liked that lesson that in a way is what the movie is about — that man learns from what happens to them but mainly from the boy in the end about forgiving oneself and forgiving others and realizing that it doesn’t matter how bad things are, something good could happen always and that it doesn’t matter how many excuses you have for behaving in an unkind manner towards others that there’s never any excuse for not being kind and that it’s always better to be kind even if it seems pointless and that that in fact is the highest wisdom – being kind. It sounds like a very noble, ethereal, simplistic idea but it’s true and when you go through the movie – you know, it’s hard to explain it – but since you’ve seen it, you know that when you go through this journey, you do earn that conclusion. You do earn that strangely uplifting feeling that you get at the end, I think.

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via MovieWeb: Watch 60 Minutes’ Profile on James Cameron and Avatar

CBS ran a profile on revered Director James Cameron, and his upcoming sci-fi opus Avatar, via their popular Sunday night news show 60 Minutes.

In the future, Jake, a paraplegic war veteran is brought to another planet, Pandora, which is inhabited by the Na’vi, a humanoid race with their own language and culture. Those from Earth find themselves at odds with each other and the local culture.

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From Fred Topel at Sci Fi Wire: Babylon 5 creator reboots a sci-fi classic … and a sequel?
J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of TV’s Babylon 5, is now drafting a screenplay for a new movie version of the classic 1956 sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet, and he told us that the reboot will remain faithful to the original while adding more backstory and leaving room for (gasp!) a sequel.

The 1956 original, which was loosely based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, is famous for its Oscar-nominated and groundbreaking visual effects, as well as for the introduction of Robby the Robot, and told the story of a shuttle crew (led by a then-serious Leslie Nielsen) that lands on the planet Altair IV to investigate a missing colony that landed there decades earlier.

“We’ve actually decided to show more of the first ship when it first arrived 20 years earlier to sort of counterpoint what’s happening in the present story,” Straczynski said in a group interview Saturday in Hollywood. “If you’re a fan of the original, as I am, and have always been, I think it’s very faithful to that.” Warner Brothers owns the rights.

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also from Sci Fi Wire: News briefs: Brad Pitt’s Dark Void; Underworld 4
Brad Pitt is developing a feature film based on the Dark Void computer game as a potential franchise and starring vehicle for the actor, Variety reported; Dark Void follows a pilot who crash-lands in the Bermuda Triangle following a routine mission and finds himself in an alternate world resembling a primitive Earth where aliens with superior technology are planning to take over civilization.

Writer John Hlavin (TV’s The Shield) has been hired to draft the fourth installment in the Underworld film franchise, The Hollywood Reporter‘s Heat Vision blog reported; Len Wiseman, who directed the first two films, is producing. Kate Beckinsale has not cut a deal to return, nor has the third movie’s star, Rhona Mitra.

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I’m really excited about The Road; the book is really good. I’m excited to see Avatar; there’s so much hype about the special effects it’ll be interesting to see if they live up to expectations. I honestly haven’t seen the original Forbidden Planet, but I have seen some Babylon 5 and I’ve read The Tempest, so I’d go see a remake.

Are you looking forward to Avatar? What did you think of the interview with Viggo Mortensen?