FilmNation To Show Us The Last Vampire

Ah, those crazy teens and their sexy brooding vampires! No matter where you turn lately, there they are all sparkling and screamy. Yet, another series of toothy-teen films are on their way — but here’s the rub — the books on which the films will be based came out years before Twilight and spent thirty consecutive weeks on the best seller list. Interesting.

Screen Daily reports that New York based FilmNation Entertainment has acquired the screen rights to Christopher Pike’s (wasn’t he the burned up Captain on the original “Star Trek” series?) best selling teen vampire series The Last Vampire.

The books chronicle the adventures of Sita, a 5,000–year-old vampire who never aged past her teens and believes she is the last vampire in the world until her creator comes back to kill her.

“We could not pass up the opportunity to bring to life one of the best characters of young adult fiction. We see this as the original teen vampire series that started the craze today,” says FilmNation’s president of production Aaron Ryder.


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I recently read the Christopher Pike series The Last Vampire. I absolutely loved it. Pike has an interesting take on vampires and I enjoyed the almost clinical way that Sita described her life and experiences. Have you read the series?

Priest looks sooo good. I cannot wait to see it. Do you plan on seeing Priest?