‘Priest’ Panel Report: Comic-Con Vs. The Vampire Apocalypse! The panel for “Priest,” the first Tokyo Pop graphic novel to be given the film treatment, boasted exclusive footage of the post apocalyptic vampire movie, which features a pair of vampires from “True Blood” and “Twilight.”

Here’s a moment-by-moment report:

Director Scott Stewart takes the stage and asks the crowd to get out their 3D glasses as he introduced exclusive Comic-Con footage that will not be released elsewhere anytime soon.

Cam Gigandet, Stephen Moyer, Karl Urban, Maggie Q and Priest himself, Paul Bettany, join Stewart on stage. Urban’s introduction gets the biggest response.

Bettany said he had a “rapport” and a “shorthand” pretty immediately when they started working on “Legion.” He loved working on “Priest” with him especially because the budget was bigger which allowed for more “grandeur.”

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‘Priest’ Actor Cam Gigandet Says Post-Apocalyptic Vampire Western’s World ‘Is Unlike Any Other’

Director Scott Stewart has spoken highly of the “Twilight” and “True Blood” cast members he assembled for the adaptation of Hyung Min-Woo’s “Priest.” Together with his co-stars Maggie Q and Karl Urban at San Diego Comic-Con this week, Cam Gigandet returned the compliment, even if Stewart’s direction proved to be challenging on occasion.

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Watch the new vampire-killing Priest trailer that killed US

He’s the James Bond of the clergy. He’s got holy gadgets and badass moves (in slow-mo, no less) to spare. And the evil he’s up against is real evil. As in vampires. Not the sparkly kind. The monstrous kind. The kind who rip and shred and feast on blood and flesh. Audiences at the San Diego Comic-Con got to see him in action in a new trailer. Now you can see it, too.


Elizabeth Hurley Set to Play a Vampire

www.411mania.: Elizabeth Hurley’s been a vamp for sometime, so it’s only natural that eventually she would play a vampire. The actress is set to star in High Midnight, a vampire western directed by Mary Lambert (Pet Sematary). Hurley will join Vincent D’Onofrio (Brooklyn’s Finest), Taylor Nichols (Jurassic Park III), Emilio Rivera (Harsh Times), William Baldwin (Sliver), Thomas Kretschmann (Wanted), Ted Raimi (Drag Me to Hell) and Kevin Weisman (Alias) on the project, which has been in the works since 2008.

The film tells the tale of a broken-down sheriff forced to join forces with an obsessed Victorian vampire hunter to defeat an undead force consuming a small frontier town in 1892 New Mexico.

Teaser Trailer For Sci-Fi Thriller Monsters Vertigo Films has released a teaser trailer for Monsters, the micro-budget sci-fi thriller from writer/director Gareth Edwards that’s being described as “the new District 9.”

The film, shot on location for less than $400,000, follows an American photojournalist and the daughter of his publisher (Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able) as they’re forced to travel through a quarantined “infected zone” in Mexico, where the U.S. and Mexican militaries struggle to contain alien life forms that have spread from a crashed NASA probe.

‘SAW’ 3D – First 8 Minutes Revealed Yes it’s true, Dr. Lawrence Gordon is back! A lucky group of Comic-Con attendees were the first to experience the first 8 minutes of SAW 3D and we have a full report below the break.

The screening kicked off with a repeat viewing of the newly released trailer (in 3D) followed by a presentation by the Guinness Book of World Records to SAW producers and Jigsaw himself Tobin Bell for being part of the most successful horror franchise. A brief Q/A with saw producers, Tobin Bell and SAW VI & VII director Kevin Greutert followed before we were shown the first 8 minutes of the film. The start of SAW 3D picks up immediately after the first SAW with Dr. Gordon (Cary Elwes) dragging himself across the floor (severed foot and all) until he gets to a steaming hot pipe which he uses to cauterize his wound while screaming in agony.

That Priest trailer really makes you want to go see it. Not to mention that we get to see Cam Gigandet and Stephen Moyer. Priest will be a thrilling vampire movie to wait for!

I really liked Monsters, it reminded me of Clover Field and it makes it interesting wanting to know what is attacking the human civilization (again 😉 ).

What did you think of the new movie trailers? Which movie are you waiting to see? What do you think of Elizabeth Hurley and her new vampire role?