New Inception Character Posters

by David Chen at Slash Film

We’ve already covered the numerous posters that have been released for Christopher Nolan’s Inception here, here, and here. But in my humble opinion, this latest batch of character posters is the most badass of them all.


The posters hit the web this morning on sites such as Moviefone, Omelete and Empire. As with many character posters, these stylishly depict several of the key figures, with quasi-vague labels about their roles in the film.

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The Door Closes with Shrek Forever After

by John Reinhart at Cinemaroll
You are going to like Shrek, Forever After. Disregard the trailers and billboards and everything you think you’ve heard about this movie. It’s not the film you thought it was going to be: it’s much better.

Fans of the Shrek enterprise will find a home in this, the last of the Ogre’s movies. The genial rewriting of the characters to suit a Far Far Away in which Shrek never existed more than offsets the darker elements that befall our longtime friends. Unlike most 4th installations in a film series, there is enough retelling of the original story to make sense to newcomers.

While there is a fair degree of humor in this film, it doesn’t match the line-by-line hilarity of the first two. Neither, however, does it match the brooding darkness of the third film, despite the kingdom of Far Far Away having been taken over by the nasty, self-serving Rumpelstiltskin, the ominous disappearance of the king and queen, and the wicked enslavement of ogres in general.

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What we know (and you need to know) about Sherlock 2

by Fred Topel at Sci Fi Wire
We spoke with producer Joel Silver while he was promoting Splice in a roundtable interview, and during the interview we uncovered a few details about the eagerly anticipated sequel.

The start of shooting is not that far away.

First off, Silver thinks it will be ready to shoot before the end of this year. “We’ll start shooting in the fall and coming out maybe the following year,” Silver said on May 22 in Hollywood.

The clues to the sequel are already buried within the first film.

It ends with Holmes identifying his archnemesis, Moriarty. That will be where the second film picks up, says Silver, making the first film a blueprint for who Moriarty will be.

“We want it to be really bold and strong, and Moriarty has got to be a really incredible character,” Silver said. “We spent a movie setting up a character, and now we can make the next movie where we pay that character off.”

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Mass Effect is Coming to the Big Screen

Legendary Pictures has just announced that it plans to develop Electronic Arts and Bioware’s popular video game series Mass Effect into a feature film:

Electronic Arts Inc. today announced that Legendary Pictures, whose successful co-productions include The Dark Knight, 300, Clash of the Titans, The Hangover and Watchmen, has acquired theatrical feature film rights to the hit videogame franchise, Mass Effect. The project will also fall under Legendary’s co-production and co-financing agreement with Warner Bros., who will distribute the film worldwide. The producers are in discussions with Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend, Thor) to draft a screenplay based on the epic science fiction game series.

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Jake Abel Joins ‘I Am Number Four’ Cast

By Josh Wigler at MTV News
“Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” actor Jake Abel has joined the cast of “I Am Number Four,” director D.J. Caruso’s adaptation of James Frey and Jobie Hughes’ forthcoming science-fiction novel of the same name, MTV News has learned exclusively.

“Mark is a football player at the school and he’s skeptical of the new kid because he’s trying to move in on his ex-girlfriend,” Abel told MTV News in an exclusive interview. “He’s the high school jock who’s just loaded with insecurities. He masks them with his bravado and intimidation, but he’s threatened because this new kid is coming to school and there’s a lot of attention on him. A lot is happening around him.”

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I’m still not sure what Inception is about, but I saw a preview for yesterday, and after seeing those posters today I might have to go check it out. On the Sci FI Wire website people in the comments were talking about who should play Moriarty; suggestions included David Tennant and Gary Oldman, either of which, I think, would be awesome.

Are you looking forward to Inception? What about I Am Number Four?