First Look at the Cast of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS (source)

Wow, they look amazing! I am really thrilled to see this movie, and I hope it’s better than X-Men 3. The cast looks so amazing with their costumes on, that you can’t even tell it’s Nicholas Hoult back there as Beast. I’m looking forward to seeing how he’ll portray that role. I wish we could have seen Edi Gathegi 🙁 What do you think of the new X-Men: First Class cast?

On the Set of the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Sequel (source)

What did you think of this behind-the-scene of the new sequel? Are you glad that they did a second part?

Director Ridley Scott cancels ALIEN prequels (source)

The Alien and Predator movies are some of my favorite sci-fi alien movies, and as much as I liked the first ones, I wouldn’t like to see more. The Alien vs. Predator movies, weren’t what I expected, they should have stayed just comics. What do you think of this? Would you liked to see more Alien prequels?

Harrison Ford talks about Cowboys & Aliens and Indiana Jones 5 (source)

Are you looking forward to seeing Cowboys & Aliens? From the trailers, it looks good. Do you think another Indiana Jones movie would be good? I liked the last one, but Harrison Ford is almost 70 years old, not even James Bond got to this age. Do you think it would be good to bring a new actor for the Indiana role? Or should Shia be the new Indiana? 😉

Interview with Rachel McAdams – Star of Morning Glory, Sherlock Holmes 2 & The Vow (source)

I really enjoy watching her movies. She’s one of those actress that can go from a good character to and evil one. 😀 What did you think of her interview?

Crucial Scene Changed in Harry Potter? (source)

Wow! This is my favorite scene of the second part and if they’re going to change it for good, so Snape has a better ending and fans who never liked him, change their mind, then I hope it’s a good one. Otherwise, they’ll have angry fans. I’ll be all tears seeing Alan Rickman die XD. What do you think of the changes and J.K. Rowling approving them?

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