Olivia Wilde Talks Tron

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Olivia Wilde recently sat down with a group of journalists while promoting her latest, Tron: Legacy. She spoke about her role and what it is like to have an action figure based on her character. was thrilled to be in the presence of such a beautiful and talented actress. Check out the interview below.

Tron: Legacy opens on December 17th.

Was that the first time you saw that last night?

Yes it was.

What was the reaction as you are watching?

It surpassed all my expectations. You know what happens so often as an actor is you retain the information about the scene that you yourself shot and you obsess over certain scenes that you found the most challenging or interesting. And the rest of the film kind of falls away in your memory or it fades a little bit. So you know it’s been so long since I actually kind of read the script in its entirety. You know a good year or more. So being able to watch everyone’s performance, watch all elements of the story come together was just extraordinary. And I was blown away by everyone’s work and that was my reaction was just oh my God everyone pulled it together. Everyone didn’t think they’d never done before and it was for so many different departments, so revolutionary. And being able to watch Michael Sheen’s performance, uh, you know much of which I was not therefore so that was really a treat for me. And to see a lot of just work as CLU, that was really exciting, uh, because that involves a lot of special effects in order to create the finished product.

And so I think that was probably the most astounding thing just being able to see the entire picture together and realize how much hard work paid off.

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Richelle Mead Excited For Big-Screen Battle

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Every loyal book fan wishes their favorite authors could get a movie deal like J.K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyer’s—almost complete control over how their novels are translated onto the big screen. But that’s not the way things usually go, and “Vampire Academy” author Richelle Mead is completely aware of that fact. When we caught up with her on the eve of the release of “Last Sacrifice,” the final chapter in her series about born vampires and their badass half-breed protectors, we pumped her for news on what’s happening with the “Vampire Academy” movie, which was optioned by Preger Entertainment and producer Don Murphy (“Natural Born Killers,” “Apt Pupil”).

“It’s such a funny thing, the movie business,” Richelle said. “There’s no action going on right now. There’s no production, no casting, no scripting. There’s nothing for me to be involved in at the moment. They’re certainly in touch all the time. Right now, they’re out soliciting studios and writers.”

While she isn’t yet sure how involved she’ll be with the movie, she said she has no “delusions” about full control. “People write to me like, ‘Richelle, make sure when you hold auditions…’ I know my involvement won’t be to that extent,” she said, laughing. “But they’re a wonderful company. They talk to me a lot. They talk to the fans a lot, which is amazing. They’ve got this huge Facebook page, where they’re always asking, ‘Who would you like to see? What’s your favorite part in the book?'”

As she plays the waiting game, Richelle said she has talked to someone who has a bit of experience with the adaptation process, Charlaine Harris, whose Sookie Stackhouse novels are the basis of “True Blood.”

“I actually talked to Charlaine Harris a number of times,” Richelle said. “She’s really sweet. She’s so down to earth. It was interesting to hear her perspective on that. She’s got a real open-minded view to the process of adaptation and how that worked out. It’s nice to hear a good success story and to have that on the horizon.”


The Batman Series: What’s next after Nolan?

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There are a lot of rumours out there claiming that after Nolan’s TDKR, Warner Bros. will reboot the Bat series, or make a t.v. show, or just put the series on another long, gestating hiatus. As an avid fan of both Batman and Nolan, here are my thoughts on what Warner Bros. should do after Nolan’s departure

1. Keep it cosy with Nolan!

Just because Nolan has stated this WILL BE his last Bat film, doesn’t necessarily mean he wont, or rather shouldn’t have a hand in the continuation of the character. Seeing as how Warner Bros. have a reputation for showing loyalty to directors (and also love Nolan) I imagine he will stay on for the next Bat film in some kind of producing capacity. Frankly, whereas some of you who are wanting more fantastical villains see this as a bad thing, I feel it would be a good choice. I admitedly, am in a conflicted position in regards to Nolan’s hyper-reality, as I grew up with the Kevin Conroy Batman series, but appreciate the realism from the film series.Essentially my solution to this is, if the next Bat films decide to employ a more fantastical range of villains, then I feel Nolan, as a producer would be the necessary anchor to prevent the series from becoming to ‘out there.’ I imagine Batman to be a mix of crime drama, martial arts, supernatural thriller, noir and sci fi in line with that of ‘Blade Runner.’ Nolan is master at delivering crime drama’s, but due to his reliance on ‘realism’ he falls short sometimes, in this light a new director could help bring a new take on Batman and his villains and hopefully introduce a more ‘comic book’ feel to it
My personal choices for a new director for the Bat series is either; Alfonso Cuaron, Vincenso Natalie or David Fincher
Frankly all these directors are amazing, and with Nolan acting as an anchor to prevent them from making the franchise too spontaneous, I feel both fanboys and mainstream audiences alike will be pleased with the end result. I’m guessing by now, most of you will have guessed I’m not a fan for a rebooted Batman, so if it wasn’t clear; stick with Nolan’s continuity, just introduce some new sides to it

2. Mini series not T.V. series!

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Hunger Games Movie – You Have To Let Things Go

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A gutsy bow-and-arrow wielding 16-year-old rules the best-seller charts these days — Katniss Everdeen, the tough-as-nails star of  Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy. The series’ first book (Hunger Games) alone has more than 2.9 million copies in print and spent over 100 consecutive weeks on the New York Times list. Collins (one of EW’s 2010 Entertainers of the Year) dreamed up Games a few years ago while channel surfing, when images of reality TV and the Iraq war melded in her head. Her books’ dystopian world features a government that does whatever it takes to control its citizens, even holding an annual lottery that pits the unlucky winners — all children — against one another, fighting to the death in an outdoor arena while the country watches on TV. Collins, who’s gotten some flak for the kid-on-kid violence in the three books (Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay), has responded by pointing to the powerful anti-war message in her story.  And she also notes that not everyone sees the books as war novels. “People view the books differently — as romance, as dystopian, as action adventure, as political,” she tells EW. “So there seems to be more than one way into the story.” If somehow you still have not heard of Katniss and her District 12 cohorts, you will soon. Now that the book series is finished (with Mockingjay‘s publication in August), all eyes are on the upcoming Hunger Games movies. The first film, which will be helmed by Seabiscuit director Gary Ross, isn’t due out until 2012, but fans are already arguing feverishly over who should play Katniss on the big screen — Kaya Scodelario? Alexandra Daddario? Emma Watson?


I am so excited for Tron! My mom and me are going to see it Friday night! It’s nice to know that these authors are comfortable with their books being changed a little. As for a Bat Man TV series, I like the idea of a mini series.

Whose ready for Tron to come out? For those of you that have read Vampire Academy and The Hunger Games, what scenes are an absolute must?! Would you watch a Bat Man TV series?