Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Heads to the Big Screen It starts with the vampires, followed by the werewolves, then it’s Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, and his buddy the Mummy. These constant remakes of classic horror characters won’t stop, and the latest revamp will come courtesy of horror writer Dean Koontz and his take on the Frankenstein monster. Are you excited?

According to Variety, Ralph Winter and Terry Botwick are developing a modern take on the Frankenstein story using the Koontz series as its source material. The story takes place in present day New Orleans and will have the doctor as a socially affluent businessman and his creation Deucalion as his loyal companion. The duo will be tracked down by a pair of detectives who are investigating a murder and run into Deucalion and several other “engineered humans.”

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11 Sci-Fi Properties Which Need A Movie Right Now! Before Hollywood announces yet another reboot of some already beloved science fiction movie franchise, let’s give them a few better ideas. Since we’re talking about the entertainment industry, we can’t expect anything to original. But it doesn’t have to be. There’s a wealth of science fiction out there, just waiting for some movie studio to pick it up and do something with it. No more waiting. Drop that Back to the Future remake Hollywood and do something with these already brilliant sci-fi properties instead:
It worked for The Simpsons and they ran out of jokes ten years ago. Futurama on the other hand, thanks to frequent network cancelling, is still young as when the world was new. Matt Groening’s other animated masterpiece has never gotten a fair shake, but with its spacey setting and tendency towards blaster fire, it’s far more suited to the big screen than Springfield’s favorite family. It’s animation, yes, but animation for adults. Feel free to take things up a notch for the theatrical version, hook Bender up with a three-nippled robot hooker, and slap it with an “R” rating. Or if you’re really feeling spendy, ditch the animation and give us a live action version.
Doctor Who
The character has been on television since the early sixties, you’d think by now he’d have earned a proper trip to the big screen. Instead he’s been permanently fixed in the low-budget world of television where, despite brilliant storytelling, he’s sometimes hampered by the limited effects capabilities of the format. But with this most recent stint by the Doctor as played by David Tennant, the character finally seemed on the verge of crossing over to the mainstream. Tennant’s gone, but maybe there’s a way to bring him back? If there was ever a time for a Doctor Who movie, doing it with Tennant is the way to make it work.
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Green Lantern‘s villain speaks! What about that big head? Despite rave reviews for his turn in his latest film An Education, Peter Sarsgaard hasn’t gotten a big head—yet. That may change, literally, when the actor goes before the cameras in March in the role of Green Lantern‘s villainous Hector Hammond, the infamous massively domed telepath with the tiny, withered body.

Sarsgaard’s excited to wrap his brain around the role. “It’s something completely different for me and something that I’ve not done before,” he told us at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where he received a Cinema Vanguard Award. “I imagine that if I’d done 10 of them I wouldn’t be as excited as I am, but it’s not the kind of thing that I normally do. It feels expansive to me. It feels like shackles being taken off instead of being put on. I just feel like I can do anything with this role.”

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Luc Besson Spurs Another Futuristic Jailbreak. But Will There Be Parkour In Space? The Luc Besson-produced District 13: Ultimatum just opened in the United States, but he’s already in pre-production on another prison-break movie, this time set in space in the future. Plus he’s producing an English-language District 13 remake. Spoilers ahead…

Section 8 takes place in a prison orbiting 50 miles above the Earth, which houses 500 of the world’s most dangerous criminals. Not only are these wrongdoers kept in orbit, they’re also kept asleep by sophisticated technology – until they suddenly all wake up. The movie is co-written by Besson and directors Stephen St. Leger and James Mather.

They hope to begin shooting this spring or summer. The film will be St. Leger and Mather’s full-length directorial debut, but they already made a splash with the digital short film Prey Alone (pictured above), about a manhunt with a surprising twist.

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How do you feel about more remakes being done? Do you think they should stay the way they are? Any remake you hated being done of you favorite movie?

I would really like to see some of those sci-fi properties done into movies, like Farscape. That would be a good way to know what happened. They also mentioned good TV shows like Doctor Who, which in my opinion David Tennant does a good job as. What do you think? Do they deserve a movie?

It is exciting to hear that they’ll start filming Green Lantern soon in March! And we’re finally getting more news from the actors, it’s a movie I can’t wait to see, especially how they’ll handle the special effects for the ring 😉 Are you a Green Lantern fan?