Will Inception star be the Riddler in Batman 3?


I don’t think we’ll ever stop talking about Inception, but it’s definitely time to start talking about director Christopher Nolan’s next long-awaited project—Batman 3. An inside source managed to get a peek at a studio casting grid for the film, which revealed two very intriguing facts.

According to the casting grid, which is used in the industry so production companies, agencies and others can keep track of a project’s progress and what roles may be available, the Riddler is definitely down as a character for the Dark Knight sequel. So at last we know for certain (if this source can be trusted, that is) the villain we’ll get to see battling the Batman on the big screen.


Adrien Brody May Become Ant-Man for The Avengers [Updated]


Has one of Marvel Studios’ surprise announcements for San Diego Comic-Con 2010 been revealed? Could Adrien Brody be playing Ant-Man in The Avengers?

Oscar winner Adrien Brody is getting a lot of attention in recent weeks, following the recent release of Splice and last weekend’s opening of Predators. In Nimród Antal’s sequel to the original Predator, Brody plays a gruff and silent killer as a bad-ass mercenary and in Splice, he moves to the other end of the spectrum to play a rebellious scientist. If that wasn’t making enough headlines for the star whose acting range knows no bounds, Brody may soon become a superhero as well.

Reports and Twitter buzz indicate that Adrien Brody may be playing Ant-Man for Marvel Studios in The Avengers and in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man solo film. Nothing is confirmed yet on this front, but it no doubt will be this Saturday at Marvel’s Thor and Captain America panel presentation.


EXCLUSIVE: Producer Bryan Burk Talks Schedule and ‘Bigger’ Scope Of Star Trek Sequel


Last week Star Trek co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman told us they (and Damon Lindelof) were just starting to break the story for the sequel due June 29th, 2012. At the same event, TrekMovie also spoke to producer Bryan Burk, one of the other members of Star Trek’s five-member “Supreme Court”, who gave an update on the plans for the production, and also talked about how the team want the sequel to be even bigger than the first.

Bryan Burk Talks Star Trek Sequel

Bryan Burk is a long-time collaborator with JJ Abrams and his producing partner for pretty much everything going down at Abrams’ Bad Robot production company. Although we don’t often hear from him, Burk is the fifth member of Trek’s new Supreme Court along with JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. TrekMovie recently spoke with the producer about his plans and hopes for the Star Trek sequel.


5 Most Maniacal Movie Villains Ever


There are so many factors that go into great movie villains. Perhaps it is their speech, their actions, or their generally sinister intent.

After all, an evil villain often needs a devious strategy so that the hero of the film can do their best to thwart that plan.

Of course, it may just be the outfit, because there can’t be a truly evil villain without the proper wardrobe.

When all these factors are combined, some characters stand out as being downright nasty. For whatever reasons, there are some villains that the audience almost ends up rooting for, and there are others that cause people to shiver and cringe.

With that in mind, here are a few of the most evil movie villains of all time.


Never been a fan of the Riddler as a Bats Villain. However, Joseph Gordon Levitt could be a good choice -although I haven’t seen him in Inception yet (I am dying to), What do you think of today’s movie news?

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