New Batman Movie Is Coming in 2012 A release date has officially been set by Warner Bros. for the sequel to the blockbuster Batman film “Dark Knight.” The third film in the “Batman Begins” series is expected to hit theaters on July 20, 2012.

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‘The Hobbit’ release date announced as part of Warner Bros/IMAX pact A release date for the long-awaited, much-delayed prequel to the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy has been announced as part of a twenty picture deal between Warner Brothers and IMAX.  According to a press release distributed by IMAX, “The Hobbit,” based on the novel by J.R.R. Tolkein, will be released by Warner Brothers in the IMAX format in December of 2012.

The release does not state that “The Hobbit” will be released in 3D.  It also does not address the often stated plan to release “The Hobbit” as two films.

The movie, which will be produced by Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson and directed by Guillermo del Toro (“Hellboy,” “Pan’s Labyrinth”), has been pushed back a few times for a variety of reasons.  Nonetheless, it remains eagerly anticipated.

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Megan Fox Gets Sexy,Sassy In First ‘Jonah Hex’ Movie Trailer Megan Fox gets sexy,sassy in first ‘Jonah Hex’ movie trailer. Warner Bros. Pictures recently released the first movie trailer (below) for their new action/thriller flick “Jonah Hex” yesterday. The sexy Megan Fox is in the movie,and she gets pretty sassy and dangerous in a couple of the scenes. However, the movie does still mostly revolve around character Jonah Hex,of course. It stars: Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, Megan Fox, Will Arnett, and Michael Shannon.

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Summer-movie mania: What trailers have the most heat? Every year as we approach the onset of the noisy summer movie season I get together with a bunch of high school kids to talk about the summer films. I show them the trailers from a dozen or so hotly anticipated films; they decide whether the trailers make them want to see the films — or run as fast as they can in the other direction.

“Iron Man 2”: All I can say is — thank God for Robert Downey Jr. He makes all the material he’s in feel hipper and more irreverent than it probably is. (If only I can could get him to do the audio track for this blog, I’d look a helluva lot smarter.) If he wasn’t in this sequel, it would might be hard to tell it apart from all the other tech-geek superhero movies. Although you have to admit that Mickey Rourke has great teeth.

“The Last Airbender”: Remember when M. Night Shyamalan was going to be the next Steven Spielberg? Now he’s making what looks like a totally generic special-effects movie, complete with such dialogue as “You are the only ones who can control the elements and bring peace to our world.” Yikes. Maybe he should’ve made this movie in 4-D, because 3-D may not be enough to distract us from the impenetrable storyline.

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This is great news for The Dark Knight fans (cough me cough). Heath as the Joker was amazing in my opinion, he reminded me of the comic Joker, but it would be great to see another villain. I would like to see a new Catwoman or Poison Ivy, lets give the ladies a chance now 😉 What do you think about this new Batman movie?

I’ve seen M. Night Shyamalan’s movies and there is only one I really like, but this time no matter what critics say I’m going to see The Last Airbender!! After what I’ve seen, he has really been  going along the story and I’ve liked the effects, with all the bending involvedin it, it really needs them. Not to mention that Appa has appeared! (For those who now who he is). Definitely what I was expecting. 😀 Will you be going to see it?

What do you think of the summer movies? Any you want to see?

Are you one of the fans waiting for the The Hobbit? What do you think of it?

Will you be going to see Jonah Hex?