‘Men in Black 3’ and ‘Superman’ Facing Script Issues, Delays? Source

Ahh! Oh No! I am really looking forward to MIB 3. So I don’t like this talk of it being pushed back yet again. Are you excited for Men in Black 3. Do you think the delays will get worked out soon?

Michel Gondry to Adapt Philip K. Dick’s UBIK Source

I’ve never read UBIK but I think we have it lying around the house some where. I might go find it later tonight. It’s cool to read that they want to try and keep it extremely close to the book. Would you like to see UBIK hit the big screen? Have you read the book?

Matthew Vaughn Tackling Elderly Superheroes in The Golden Age Source

Well it sounds like it could be interesting. But I can also see where this could go terribly wrong. Hopefully it will be good. I also have to add, please do not wear out the super hero’s . Geez it seems like every other movie is a super hero movie. What do you think about Super Hero’s in a retirement home?

Dianna Agron on I Am Number Four & Surviving Michael Bay Explosions Source

I do watch Glee and am a fan of Dianna Agron but I had no idea she was in I Am Number Four. And I’ve been following the progress of the movie for a while now. I’m supposed to be going out this weekend to the movies I think I’m going to go see it! Any of you going to see it?

Captain America movie buzz demonstrates the importance of understanding differences between online communities Source

That’s kinda interesting. I wonder what made them go through and figure out the statistics. Are you surprised by the results?

Guy Ritchie Could Take On ‘Xerxes’ Source

What are your thoughts on this?

Fox’s ‘Abraham Lincoln’ Finds Its Mary Todd Source

I really have been meaning to get this book. I see it almost every time I’m at the store. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to pick it up. What do you think of Mary Elizabeth Winstead playing Mary Todd?