MOVE OVER ERIC & BILL, ITS TIME TO APPLAUD JASON STACKHOUSE AS A GENIUS CHARACTER Forget Sam Merlotte, forget Bill Compton, even forget — dare I say it? — Eric Northman! All of those guys are fine in their own right (and heck, we’ve even come up with a way to figure out which is your type), but when it comes to the crush-worthy heroes (and anti-heroes) of “True Blood”,  there’s perhaps no one more overlooked than Sookie Stackhouse’s very own brother, Jason. Check out the five reasons why I think Stackhouse should be nominated as The Man of “True Blood”!

1. Village Idiot: A major reason for Jason’s charm is his sheer stupidity.

2. Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Idiocy aside, there’s no denying that Stackhouse fights for what’s right.

3. Face It, You’re Smitten: In last week’s episode, Jason proved his acting chops by pretending to be Maryann’s horned god, he pulled it off!

See all five reasons here.

What do you think? Should Jason get more respect on True Blood? I still love Eric best!