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A: Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter (December 2012). A teenage girl loses her family in a crash, and wakes up to a world of zombies and zombie slaying, as well as a bad boy who could save or destroy her.

Adaption by Malinda Lo (Fall 2012). After an ominous series of mass bird deaths, a girl questions whether she is still human after she undergoes a mysterious procedure, and is torn between feelings for her crush David and a seductive new girl. (Her website is currently under construction.)

B: Beta (Beta #1) by Rachel Cohn (Fall 2012). The series is set in the bio-engineered tropical island paradise of Annex, which is staffed by soul-less clones. Beta stars two teenage girls—one a human girl and the other her clone—who are both stranded in the Annex and fall in love with the same guy.

Black City (Black City Chronicles) by Elizabeth Richards (August 2012). Set in the burning ruins of the Black City, where in the aftermath of a bloody war humans and Darklings live divided by a high wall and where a half-blood Darkling and the daughter of the Sentry Emissary who hates Darklings, struggle to fight their forbidden feelings for each other.

(The) Blessed by Tonya Hurley (July 2012). A contemporary, supernatural romance that is a remaining of the martyrdom legends of three saints.

Breathe by Sara Crossan (Fall 2012). In a world without air, what do you have to do to stay alive?

In a barren land once known as England, a glimmering, glass pod homes the survivors of the Switch, the period when oxygen levels plunged and the green world withered. A state lottery meant the lucky few won safety inside the pod, while the rest suffocated in the thin air.

C: Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices #3) by Cassandra Claire (December 1st, 2012). In Clockwork Princess, Tessa and her companions travel all over the world as they race to stop the clockwork army before it’s too late. As Jem’s health worsens alarmingly and his friends search desperately for a cure, can Tessa choose between the two boys she loves — even if it means never seeing the other one again?

D: Deviners (Deviners #1) by Libba Bray (November 1st, 2012). A supernatural series set in Manhattan during the 1920s that follows a teen heroine reminiscent of two of the era’s most famous literary women—Zelda Fitzgerald and Dorothy Parker. The story will be a wild new ride full of dames and dapper dons, jazz babies and Prohibition-defying parties, conspiracy and prophecy—and all manner of things that go bump in the neon-drenched night.

E: Edgling by Jordan Deen (2012). Snow White had an apple, Cinderella a spindle: Laira has a mirror. A hideous, bone-framed monstrosity, her ancestors send messages through. But, when the messages lead to impending danger for her crush, she knows she has to figure out the messages, and quick.

Endlessly (Paranormalcy #3) by Kristen White (July 24th, 2012). The final chapter of Evie’s adventures. Old friends, new ones, all wrapped up in impossible decisions. And some ball gowns. Because what’s a life of normal and paranormal drama without a ball gown or two?

Enshadowed (Nevermore #2) Kelley Creagh (August 28th, 2012). While Varen remains a prisoner in the dream-world, Isobel is haunted by his memory. He appears to her in her dreams and soon, even in her waking life. But is she just imagining it? Isobel knows she must find a way back to Varen. She makes plans to go to Baltimore. There, she confronts the figure known throughout the world as the Poe Toaster—the same dark man who once appeared to Isobel in her dreams, calling himself “Reynolds.”

Isobel succeeds in interrupting the Toaster’s ritual and, in doing so, discovers a way to return to the dream-world. Soon, she finds herself swept up in a realm which not only holds remnants of Poe’s presence, but has also now taken on the characteristics of Varen’s innermost self. It is a dark world comprised of fear, terror, and anger.

When Isobel once more encounters Varen, she finds him changed. With his mind poisoned by the dream world, he becomes a malevolent force, bent on destroying all—even himself. Now Isobel must face a new adversary, one who also happens to be her greatest love.

G: Glitch (Glitch #1) by Heather Anastasiu (Summer 2012). Seventeen-year-old Zoe Gray is a cybernetically-enhanced teenager living in an underground society when her internal hardware begins to malfunction. She slowly realizes that her body is changing, that she’s developing powerful telekinesis, and that she’s not alone. Even though getting caught could mean reprogramming, or worse, deactivation, Zoe begins to seek out other glitchers in society, including a dreamer named Adrian who can see the future, a boy named Max who can mimic other’s appearances, and a young girl named Molly with X-ray vision. They work together to plan their escape, but soon learn there is another powerful faction in the society whose ambitions threaten all their carefully laid plans.

I: The Iron Wyrm Affair by Lillith Saintcrow (August 2012). Archibald Clare is a detective of truly uncanny abilities-a mentath, capable of feats of deduction and logic that border on the supernatural. He is also abruptly, uniquely, the only unregistered mentath left alive in Londoninium. Someone has murdered the others and, if not for the timely intervention of the Prime sorceress Emma Bannon, there would have been no one left to stop… whatever is coming.

Mentaths and sorcerers are dying-or worse, being seduced into betraying Queen and Country. Bannon and Clare must uncover treachery, conspiracy, and sorcery of the blackest hue. And in a Britannia where magic has turned the Industrial Revolution on its head, time is short.

The game is afoot…

S: Shade of the Moon ( Last Survivors #4) by Susan Beth Pfeffer (2012). Something Strange and Deadly Susan Dennard ( UK July 24th, 2012.)

Eleanor Fitt has a lot to worry about. Her brother has gone missing, her family has fallen on hard times, and her mother is determined to marry her off to any rich young man who walks by. But this is nothing compared to what she’s just read in the newspaper—

The Dead are rising in Philadelphia.

And then, in a frightening attack, a zombie delivers a letter to Eleanor…from her brother.
Whoever is controlling the Dead army has taken her brother as well. If Eleanor is going to find him, she’ll have to venture into the lab of the notorious Spirit-Hunters, who protect the city from supernatural forces. But as Eleanor spends more time with the Spirit-Hunters, including their maddeningly stubborn yet handsome inventor, Daniel, the situation becomes dire. And now, not only is her reputation on the line, but her very life may hang in the balance.

T: Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone (October 9th, 2012). An ambitious sixteen-year-old feels trapped in her Midwestern town until she meets a seventeen-year-old time traveler who can hold her hands and take her anywhere she wants to go at the speed of thought.

U: “The” UNNATURALISTS by Tiffany Trent (August 14th, 2012). The City of New London is all Tesla’s fault. If his experiment had not broken the walls between London and Fairyland, New London would not be here at all, and Fairyland would not be in jeopardy. The tear in the fabric of space and time brought things from every era of London—Vauxhall Gardens, the Tower, Nonesuch House. With it also came the belief that Science would cure all ills. Soon, the descendants of Tesla learned how to turn magical energy into power, using a substance called myth. Just as Old London relied on coal and gas, New London relies on myth. It’s in everything from lanterns to sealing wax. It powers machines. It provides heat and light. But all of this comes at great price.

Unspoken (Lynburn Legacy #1) by Sarah Rees Brennan (Fall 2012). Author of the Demon’s Lexicon Series Sarah Rees Brennan’s YA gothic romance trilogy beginning with UNSPOKEN, about a budding journalist who investigates when she realizes the town she has lived in all her life is hiding a multitude of secrets and a murderer, and the truth may lie with the ruling family who have just returned to the manor on the hill and in the whispers she hears in her head from a boy who may not be imaginary after all.

Which book are you most looking forward to reading? Which cover caught your attention?