NEW MOON’S KIOWA GORDON ON TRAINING TO BE IN THE WOLFPACK A part in the upcoming “Twilight” sequel “New Moon” is the kind of breakout role any hot young actor would give his eye teeth for, but the star who has perhaps the most to gain from his role as Quileute shapeshifter Embry Call is Kiowa Gordon.

“When we showed up, they were like, ‘We got you a personal trainer. You guys are gonna train hard!’ Kiowa reminisced. “And so we were like, ‘Sweet, we get to work out!’ And it was really fun.”

Kiowa may have had to work his body hard, but he didn’t have to put much effort into winning fans. “I guess I’ve been welcomed with open arms. A couple weeks after getting announced out there to the public that I got the role, a girl actually tattooed my name on her back with a paw print!” (Yes, that would be his name, not his character’s name.)

Check out Kiowa’s interview with MTV:

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Wow, the tattoo thing is a bit psycho, don’t you think? I have to agree with the fans here though, I really love Kiowa as Embry Call. I think Chris Weitz did a tremendous job casting New Moon all around!

What do you think of the hotties in the Wolfpack?