Miracle at Christmas

Christmas, Colorado, Book 7.5

By Debbie Mason

ISBN: 9781538746301

Author’s Website: authordebbiemason(.)com


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Charlotte Bailey needs a miracle. She came to this sleepy little Colorado town to keep the local hospital afloat, but now her scrooge of a boss is demanding she close it down. Charlotte is going to need all the help she can get, even from Dr. McSexy–er, Dr. Matt Trainer–if she’s to save Christmas before, well, Christmas!

All Matt wants for Christmas is for Charlotte to give it–and him–half a chance. But with the town looking to him to save the hospital and Charlotte itching to get back to New York in time to see the city decked out in lights, Matt doesn’t have much time to make things right. But he’s got faith–after all, miracles happen every day in Christmas.


I am pleased to say that once again Debbie Mason and this new Christmas title “Miracle at Christmas” from the Christmas, Colorado series does not disappoint.  I was swept away from the beginning and was engaged throughout the whole story. I enjoyed the novella – and that is no easy feat because historically – I am not a fan of novella’s!  I find them without sufficient plot, nor character development.  I am happy to report that in this case – this is NOT the case. There were many side stories that started and ended with sufficient depth, characterization and down right interesting story lines to keep this reader interested.

Dr. Charlotte Bailey has one goal – to get back to her life in New York City, which has been on hold since she went to Christmas, Colorado a year ago. Though it seems her ex Jeremy has other plans, unbeknownst to Charlotte. As is usually the case, things go awry and we have challenges that the protagonist must overcome. And indeed, Charlotte definitely had challenges to overcome. All while having to deal with the hunky Dr. Matt. Really, what’s an administrator to do…well…possibly fall in love? Yeah..standard format, but like I said, the extra story lines really kept the book moving and interesting.

I certainly held my breath at the accident scene. A wonderfully crafted segment. And even with an accident in hand, both Matt and Charlotte are thinking romantically:

This time something more than admiration lit up his eyes. He didn’t just want to kiss her; he was going to. It would be the perfect ending for what was turning into a perfect day. Other than being involved in a fifteen-car pileup and smashing into his truck, she supposed.”

And definitely excited to see Nellie come out of retirement as a matchmaker (how else would Matt and Charlotte ever get together???). Nellie is definitely a character. And the announcement was made over Facebook ☺

At times Matt went all ‘macho’…a trait which can be quite sexy.  In this particular scene – Matt overhears a conversation Charlotte is having with her ex – Jeremy) over the phone:

Matt decided it might be better if he came back later. Before he gave in to the urge to take the phone and tell Charlotte’s ex what he’d do to him if he upset or threatened her again-and as a former special ops medic with the Rangers, Matt was well trained in not only healing a man but making him suffer-he left the two suitcases by the door.”

I loved how the book made reference to the author – very clever I must say.

Well, the thing is, I’ve not only heard the stories, I’ve read them.” Kate held up a paperback: ‘The Trouble with Christmas’. “It says the author is Debbie Mason, but I think the town’s matriarch, Nell McBride, actually wrote it.”

All in all, a well crafted novella which this reader gives a definite “thumbs up”!!! I would provide more details, but I think this book is better consumed by the reader as opposed to reading what I thought any further.

I am working my way through all of the Christmas, Colorado series and must say that with each read I am more impressed by Debbie Mason’s skills at crafting an engaging and entertaining romance novel. Can’t wait to see what is next ☺


*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*