4 star rating
Mine to Possess
Psy-Changeling, Book #4
By Nalini Singh
ISBN# 9780425220160
Author’s Website:  http://www.nalinisingh.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

mine-to-possess-psy-changeling-nalini-singhClay is a loyal sentinel in the DarkRiver pack, always quick to defend their territory and his pack.  But he always harbors darkness within himself and is the one leopard of the group.  The pack fears he is the closest to going rogue and giving up his humanity altogether.

When he was younger, Clay found the only female that he ever loved; Talin.  They were just kids at the time.  But when he found out her foster father had been abusing her, he killed him in a fit of rage, right in front of her.  He was forced to do what he promised he never would, leave her, when he was incarcerated in a juvenile detention center for four years.  His heart was ripped out of his chest upon his release to hear that his Tally was killed in a car wreck and he’s never been the same since.

But now twenty years later, he discovers she’s very much alive when she comes looking for his help.  Children are being abducted and murdered, including one she has been helping, Jon, and she desperately needs to find before it’s too late.

Clay lost Talin once and he refuses to lose her again.

“You try to leave and I will hunt you down.”

Relief poured through her, but she smacked at his thigh with the back of her brush. “Like a rabid dog? Very romantic.”

But will the sins of their past be too much to overcome?  Will forces outside their control take their choice away?

I really enjoyed this story.  The things Talin went through as a child were horrible; things no child should ever be subjected to.  And, losing her one bright spot in her life, Clay, so suddenly had traumatized her in more ways than she was willing to admit, causing her to do things that shamed her.  So their reunion and the journey they took to find each other once again and to forgive each other and themselves was touching and I loved every moment of it!

“It was you. Always. Only ever you.”

Before this book I really didn’t care about Clay.  I didn’t like him, but I didn’t dislike him either.  He was just there like a piece of furniture that I didn’t pick out, he served a purpose by being a member of the pack, but nothing more.  After reading this book, I have a new appreciation for Clay and all that he has been through.

I also really liked Tally as well.  She was strong and had a lot of obstacles from her past to overcome that still overflowed into her current life.  And, I loved that she could give as good as she took when it came to Clay.

“Oh, Clay darling, if you had told me you were feeling irritated because of your…problems, I wouldn’t have made a fuss.” She knew very well the changelings around her could hear every whispered word.

“Tally.” It was a warning growl.

“I mean it must be embarrassing for you…being that you’re such a big man.” her tone implied all sorts of things. “Last night was an aberration, I’m sure. And if not, there are always the pills.”

Their teasing banter with one another was a lot of fun.

Pa Larkspur?”

She smiled. “Don’t be so chauvinistic. He’s the best cook in the county. His baskets bring in more money than any others at the picnic auctions.”

“Jesus. Baskets? Picnic? Just how country is the Nest?”

“Very.” His horrified expression made her laugh. “Clay, you live in a tree. I don’t think you should throw stones.”

I also liked how she referred to him as a bad kitty cat:)

I really enjoyed this couple and hope to see more from them in the future; maybe even some little cubs running around?  Wishful thinking maybe….

I also liked getting a little closer at Dorian and I know I am going to love his story as well, when I get to it!