Act IV – Written by Caro

Scene I

Oberon king of the fairies finds Titania his queen, Bottom, Peasseblossom, Cobweb and Musterdseed asleep. Once he sees them he undoes his magic and sends Puck with the transformed scalp so that all the Athens forget the night’s accidents and think of it as a dream. He releases his queen and wakes her up. Titania tells him about her visions and wonders how they came to be. Music can be heard and Oberon tells Titania to take his hand and dance in Duke Theseus’ house, blessing it for the prosperity of the lovers to be webbed. The morning approaches and they leave the scene flying. Theseus, Hippolyta and Egeus enter the scene and wake up Lysander, Demetrius, Hermia and Helena with the horns. Theseus greets them and asks Lysander and Demetrius if they weren’t enemies. Demetrius has no more feelings for Hermia and now the object of his love is Helena. They all leave and Bottom awakes. Thinking of his dream he says to himself that he’ll have Peter Quince make a ballad out of it naming it “Bottom’s Dream” and then he leaves too.


What did you like about this scene?

What was your favorite quote?

What do you think about Demetrius new love for Helena?

How would you feel after waking up from a “dream” like this?

Scene II

Quince asks Starveling if he has seen Bottom, if Bottom doesn’t appear the play won’t be done. Quince tells Flute that he is the only man in Athens able to discharge Pyramus that Bottom is that best handicraft. Snug enters telling his master that the duke is coming to the temple with the lords and ladies. Flute fears that he’ll be hanged. Bottom enters asking where the lads are and then tells his master that he is no true Athenian if he not tells them everything, that he will speak.

Characters Involved


What are your thoughts about this scene?

What was your favorite quote?

What do you think the play will turn out to be now that Bottom has new arrangements? Will the Duke like it?

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