2 star rating
Midnight’s Surrender
Dark Warriors, Book #8.5
By Donna Grant
ISBN# 9781466847118
Author’s Website:  http://www.donnagrant.com/

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*Beware of Spoilers*

midnight's surrender-dark-warriors-donna-grantDale surrendered his life so that Aisley could have hers.  So why is he still alive?  He isn’t sure.  But one thing he does know is that he’s tired of working for evil and wants to live for himself now.

And, ever since he woke up after the selmyr attack, he has been plagued with dreams of a druid.  In his waking hours the pure mie magic calls to him.  And, now that magic has brought him to the Isle of Coll and to the stunning druid, Rennie.  But when evil threatens her, he will sacrifice anything to save her, even his own life!

After reading what I presume was the last book of this series, Midnight’s Promise, based on its ending with everything tied up in nice neat bows, I was stoked for a chance to read one last Dark Warriors story; even if it is a about a warrior that was on the side of evil throughout the series.

But I’m sad to say that this book just didn’t do it for me.

First of all, I found how accepting of everything Rennie was to be unbelievable.  She wakes up to a strange large man in her house, who claims she hit her head and he brought in the house.  She doesn’t question it, but invites him to stay the night.  And, before the night is out she’s having sex with this complete stranger?  And, they’re in love by the next day?  She comes off as a bit desperate to me.  Also, she didn’t know that Harriet is a threat until Dale tells her so, and then she fears her and never questions Dale’s hunch?  I just wish she would have thought for herself once in awhile.

Overall, I couldn’t get invested in this book and couldn’t connect with either Rennie or Dale, and found the book to really be lacking compared to the other installments in the series.