Midnight’s Lover
Dark Warrior, Book #2
By Donna Grant
ISBN# 9780312552497
Author’s Website:  http://www.donnagrant.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Spoilers Ahead!

Ian is still reeling from his twin brother, Duncan’s, death and can no longer control the god inside him now that he no longer shares him with his twin.  So he’s done the only thing he feels he can; he has taken himself far away from civilization so that if his god does take over, he won’t hurt anybody, or at least Ian hopes not.

Then, Ian hears the unmistakable sound of wyrran shrieks and discovers a group of the yellow monsters chasing a Druid, Danielle.  He goes to her aid, but before he’s killed all of her attackers, she falls in the icy loch.  He gets her out and takes her back to his cave with him and nurses her back to health and protects her.

When she awakes she tells him about a key she has found that is demanding she return it to the MacLeod Castle and so he reluctantly agrees to take her there.  But once there the key insists that she wait.  There is something off at the castle that many of the residents feel, and Danielle thinks this is why the key doesn’t want to be returned yet.  There have been several newcomers to the castle recently so now it’s a matter of finding out who is causing the problem; who isn’t what they claim to be?  And when Ian believes that he has lost control of his god again, he puts himself into lock-down making it impossible for him to save Danielle from the evil that lurks inside the castle walls.

I thought this installment of the series was pretty good.  You do have some repetition from the first book to this one, such as the Warrior in question not being used to the current time and the female Druid convincing them to get new clothes and giving up their kilts for jeans.  But once the storyline is set up that fades away and you get a completely different story than we read in Midnight’s Master.  And, I thought this story was an improvement and it made me glad that I continued the series and I imagine the series will only continue to improve from here.

I really enjoyed Ian.  I thought his torment with losing Duncan and struggling to gain control was understandable.  I loved seeing the emotion between him and Danielle and seeing him willing to sacrifice his own freedom to keep her safe.  Speaking of Danielle, I also enjoyed seeing a love interest that was just as interesting and strong as Ian is; he deserves that much.

I thought the sex scene through the prison bars was a bit unrealistic, but this book was again full of hot sex scenes which I’ve come to expect from Grant.

With all the talks of birth control from Danielle mentioning she forgot to have Ian use a condom, to the spell the women of MacLeod Castle use to prevent pregnancy, and all the mentions of why others have decided not to have kids, I thought for sure Danielle would end up conceiving (and my bet was on twins) so I was pretty surprised when it didn’t happen.  I think it’s only a matter of time before there is another child on the way at MacLeod Castle, especially with the sex drives the Warriors possess.

Overall this was a fun and exciting read and I’m anxious to read the next, Midnight’s Seduction.