2 star rating
Midnight Crossroad
Midnight, Texas, Book #1
By Charlaine Harris
ISBN# 9780425263150
Author’s Website:  http://charlaineharris.com/

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midnight-crossroad-midnight-texas-charlaine-harrisManfred, the online psychic, has just moved to the small town of Midnight, Texas.  It appears to be a great place for some peace and quiet where he can sit and run his online business ventures.  He soon discovers the people in Midnight, are not your average run of the mill kind of neighbors.  All of them seem a bit odd, and the more he learns, the more he realizes the truth in that thought.

Manfred’s landlord and neighbor, Bobo, is still devastated from his live-in girlfriend, Aubrey, leaving him when he was out of town without even a word.  But when her decomposing body is found he quickly becomes a prime suspect in her murder.  The townspeople of Midnight now have to put their heads together and figure out who is the real culprit and clear the lovesick Bobo once and for all.

So what do you expect from Charlaine Harris after the widely popular Sookie Stackhouse series?  For this reader, it certainly wasn’t this!  That’s not to say that it’s bad by any means, but just very different.  The characters were likeable enough once you got to know them, but my biggest obstacle to get over was by far the narration.  This book is written in the third person!  I can’t remember ever reading a book written in the third person so this was quite a challenge for me to get used to.

I thought the characters in this story were interesting, they definitely all have their own secrets to bare, most of them with a bit of a supernatural quirk of sorts.  I really could of done without the odd names though; Bobo.  Really?

The first third of this book is just getting to know the characters and the town itself.  Then, the mystery reveals itself and this book reads much like a cozy mystery with the small town coming together to try to clear a friend’s name.  But unfortunately it was just as dull as a cozy mystery as well.  I found the story was okay, the mystery was written well as I did not figure out who the killer was, but I didn’t find anything all that exciting either.  There are a few romance potentials, but nothing real solid.  This was okay for a first outing of a new series, but I really hope the series improves with the next installment.

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