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Episode: The Beginning of the End
Written by: Howard Overman
Directed by: Jeremy Webb

When a druid and his young apprentice make their way through Camelot to collect some supplies, a merchant reports them and the guards of Camelot attempt to chase them. Merlin telepathically hears the boys’ scream of pain when he is wounded by the guards. The druid is captured, giving himself up in order to use magic to save the boy, who hides. The boy telepathically begs Merlin to help him. Merlin finds him, and, in a panic, hides in the closest room him can, which happens to be Morgana’s. Morgana and Gwen are surprised, but when the guards come looking for the boy, she allows Merlin to hide him there, and sends the guard away.

Uther orders the execution of the druid, despite Arthur’s argument that the druids are a peaceful people. Uther negates Arthur , for fear that they could use their magic to undermine him. Merlin and Morgana watch the execution from the window in her room, while the child lays feverish, due to his wound, in Morgana’s bed. The boy screams when the execution takes place, and a mirror in Morgana’s room is shattered by magic.

Back in their quarters, Gaius confronts Merlin about the boy’s whereabouts, and Merlin admits that he heard the child call out telepathically. Gaius warns Merlin against helping the child at all. Merlin visits the child in Morgana’s room, where Morgana tells him that the boy refuses to tell her his name, or even speak to her. Morgana is upset that Uther would be so cruel as to harm an innocent child, even one with magic. Merlin and Morgana have a covert discussion about whether each of them believe magic is completely evil, and why each of them are helping the kid. Merlin and Morgana decide that they need to get him out of Camelot and back to his people.

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