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Episode: The Mark of Nimueh
Written by: Julian Jones
Directed by: James Hawes

A dark sorceress known as Nimueh casts a spell on an egg she throws into Camelot’s water supply, and from it, a creature, the Afanc, is born. The next day Gaius and Merlin start finding Camelot’s residents falling ill and dying, their skin turns white with dark blue veins. Uther orders Arthur to search all Camelot for the sorcerer he believes to have caused the epidemic. When Arthur does a customary search of Merlin and Gaius’ rooms, Merlin quickly hides his magic book by using magic to cover it with some clothing as Arthur berates him for his messy room. When Gwen’s father, Tom, exhibits symptoms of the illness, Merlin waves Gaius’ warning to stay out of the situation by curing him with magic.

However, when Arthur reports the recovery, and searches her rooms and finds a magic poultice under Tom’s pillow, Uther orders her execution. Merlin tries to intervene, saying that he is the sorcerer, but Arthur quickly dismisses this confession, telling his father that Merlin is trying to protect Gwen because he is in love with her. Despite Merlin’s protestations, Uther dismisses Merlin. Merlin, in desperation, goes to the Great Dragon for advice, and asks him how he is supposed to protect someone who hates him. The Great Dragon answers that one cannot hate that which makes them whole, and tells him that as the Afanc is made of clay, other elements can destroy it, and that he can’t destroy it on his own. Merlin enlists Morgana and Arthur’s help to fight the monster , which they search for in Camelot water reserves, armed only with torches.

The monster is finally destroyed by the fire from Arthur’s torch, and a magic wind conjured by Merlin. Gwen is released, and Nimueh curses Merlin’s name. Gaius approaches Uther and tells him that he found the egg that the Afanc was born from, and that it had the mark of Nimueh. Uther looks shocked and whispers “Will I never be rid of her?” before angrily ordering everyone to leave him.

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