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Episode: The Gates of Avalon
Written by: Ben Vanstone
Directed by: Jeremy Webb

The episode begins with Morgana dreaming of Arthur drowning, a pretty young woman standing above his body in the water, smiling and hand outstretched. Morgana wakes in a panic.

While hunting, Arthur and Merlin come across an old man and his daughter being attacked by bandits. Arthur saves them, and takes them back to Camelot, showing a little attraction to the girl. The old man is brought before Uther. He introduces himself as Aulfric and the girl as his daughter, Sophia. Aulfric states that he is the heir to another kingdom which was ransacked by raiders, and is travelling west with Sophia to join other family. Uther invites them to stay in Camelot for a while.

Morgana is horrified to see Sophia moving into the room next to Arthur’s, and asks Merlin who she is. Merlin tells Morgana Sophia’s story, and that Uther had invited Sophia and Aulfric to stay as guests in Camelot. She tells Gaius about her vision of Sophia and the fact that Sophia is now staying at the castle. Gaius tries to reassure her and gives her a sleeping potion, advising her not to worry Uther.

Aulfric is seen returning to the forest and using magic to kill the only one of the bandits who survived. He had paid them to pretend to attack him and Sophia. Morgana has another dream about Sophia drowning Arthur. The next morning Arthur goes riding with Sophia after making Merlin promise to cover for him, as he was supposed to be on patrol. Gwen encourages Morgana to tell the king about her dream but Morgana fears Uther would punish her for use of sorcery. She says that she will stop Sophia herself.. Meanwhile, Uther discovers that Arthur is missing. Merlin takes the blame for not giving Arthur the order to go on patrol, so Uther has him thrown into the stocks.

In the forest Sophia is about to use witchcraft against Arthur, but they are interrupted by the royal knights, who are searching for the bandits that attacked Sophia and her father. He decides to go back to Camelot rather than taking her to the river, much to Sophia’s annoyance. When Merlin returns home and explains why he has been in the stocks, Gaius is reminded of Morgana’s dream. He examines Aulfric’s possessions and finds his staff. The staff is carved with runes. He is then caught snooping by Aulfric, but manages to escape, but not before seeing Aulfric’s eyes flash red with anger. Sophia is also angrily confronted by Morgana, who swears to hunt her down if she harms Arthur.

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