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Episode: Lancelot
Written by: Jake Michie
Directed by: Ed Faiman

While picking mushrooms in the forest, Merlin is attacked by a winged creature, with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. As he is chased through the forest, he falls to the ground. He is saved at the last minute by a young man, who introduces himself as Lancelot, just before he passes out due to an injury. Merlin, feeling indebted to him, takes him back to Gaius.

Meanwhile, Uther and Arthur survey a portion of the forest for the creature. Arthur tells his father that it has attack a village, and that instead of taking livestock, it took people, and has a taste for human flesh. Uther orders Arthur to be prepared to defend Camelot if the creature makes its way towards it.

Lancelot has regained consciousness back in Camelot. He and Merlin start discussing what he had been doing in the forest, and why he was in Camelot. Lancelot tells him that his ambition in life is to become a knight, and Merlin tells him that he can put in a good for him to Arthur. After watching the knights’ training the next day, and listening to Arthur complain about the lack of skill in the new knights, Merlin mentions Lancelot. Arthur agrees to test him, if he is of noble birth. Back in Gaius’ room, Gaius explains to both Merlin and Lancelot that Uther, to ensure loyalty amongst the knights, had decreed that only those of noble birth could train as knights. Lancelot looks shattered, as he is the sole survivor of a village that was raided, and ever since then has dreamed of defending Camelot. Merlin refuses to give up and goes to the library to research seals of nobility, and forges one for Lancelot using his magic.

When he shows this seal to Lancelot, Lancelot expresses a reluctance to lie, but Merlin argues that he deserves to be a knight. They go to Gwen so she can fit him with chain mail and an armour, and both Lancelot and Gwen seem quite taken with eachother. Gaius chastises Merlin for the forged seal of Nobility, but Merlin maintains that the law is wrong, and that he needs to repay Lancelot for saving his life.

Villagers from a neighbouring town have been attacked by the beast ravaging the lands, and Uther deduces that it is making its way towards Camelot. Due to this, Arthur moves Lancelot’s trial to become a knight forward. He must last one minute in a duel with Arthur. The day of the trail Lancelot and Arthur seem equally matched, until Arthur knocks Lancelot down. Lancelot feigns unconsciousness, but when Arthur gets close enough, he sweeps his feet from under him. Lancelot is dubbed Sir Lancelot. Uther is suspicious and orders the seal of nobility to be examined by the court genealogist, Geoffrey of Monmouth.

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