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Episode: The Labyrinth of Gedref
Written by: Howard Overman
Directed by: Stuart Orme

While Arthur is hunting, he and Merlin come across what is possibly a deer in the forest. Arthur sends Merlin to flush it out, however, instead of finding a deer, it’s a beautiful white unicorn. Merlin seems enchanted by it, and tries to shoo it away before Arthur can see it. But, Arthur, ever the hunter, ignores Merlin’s protests and shoots the Unicorn with his arrow. Merlin reprimands Arthur, and as he and Arthur are arguing, he see a man standing behind Arthur. The man disappears quickly, and Merlin says nothing about his presence.

Back in Camelot, Arthur proudly presents the unicorn horn to Uther, who is delighted – but Gaius has his reservations, just like Merlin did.

The next day, Uther and Arthur ride out to survey a crop field that has died – Arthur expresses disbelief as he had ridden through the field the day before. Gaius tries to find a scientific answer to the death of the crops – but cannot find one, but is reluctant to suggest that magic is involved.

Gwen, while questioning Merlin about the reason for the dead crop field, attempts to draw water from the well. A horrified Gwen and Merlin find that all comes out is sand. Gaius is forced to confirm that it was magic, and Uther agrees- and demands Arthur find the sorcerer. As a precaution, and in hopes to catch the sorcerer out, curfew is instigated in Camelot. Back in Gaius’ chambers, Gaius catches Merlin trying to change the sand back to water, to no avail. He tells Gaius that whatever did this, has far greater power than him. Uther orders Arthur to instigate an execution order if anyone is caught looting from the meager supplies that Camelot have left.

Later that night, Arthur catches Merlin out after curfew. As they are talking, they both see a figure walking through the deserted town, and chase after him. They lose him is the halls of the dungeons, then the man appears in front of them. He introduces himself as Anhora, keeper of the Unicorns. Arthur angrily confronts and blames him for the famine in Camelot, and demands that he lifts the curse. Anhora states that he cannot, for it is Arthur’s doing, not his. He states that a series of tests have been devised, and that if Arthur passes, the curse will lift. If he does not, Camelot will perish.

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