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Episode: The Moment of Truth
Written by: Ben Vanstone
Directed by: David Moore

This episode opens with Kanen, a bandit, raids the town of Ealdor for their food. He and his men cause havoc, terrorising a farmer (Matthew) for all of Ealdor’s crops. Hunith, Merlin’s mother, runs forward to defend some of the crops. For her troubles, Kanen strikes her across the face, and he and his men ride off with the crops with a promise to return.

In desperation, Hunith makes her way to Camelot, and runs into Merlin in the courtyard. At first he is ecstatic to see her, but then he sees her bruised face and demands to know what happened.

The next scene, Hunith is in front generic Viagra of Uther, and she explains to him and the court what had happened and begs for Camelot’s assistance. Uther states that Ealdor is in Cendred’s kingdom, and even though he does not pay attention to their affairs, for Uther to send troops into his kingdom could be seen as an act of war. Merlin and Arthur stand on the top of Camelot’s castle, looking down into the town. Arthur apologises that they are unable to help Ealdor, while Merlin thanks him for getting them an audience with a king. Merlin tells Arthur that he is going back to Ealdor with his mother, and when questioned by Arthur, states he doesn’t know when, or if, he’ll be back. Arthur wishes him well and tells him to be careful (after affectionately telling him what an awful servant he’s been), and Merlin visits Gwen to get weapons and protective gear. There, he finds out that Gwen and Morgana plan to go back to Ealdor with Merlin and Hunith, so they can help. The four of them leave in the morning.

That night, they set up camp, and Hunith has a talk to Merlin about his magic, and how dangerous it still is if anyone knew he had it, then heads off to bed. Merlin sits alone by the fire and hears a noise- he pulls his sword and goes to investigate, only to find that Arthur has followed them from Camelot, and wants to help protect Merlin’s village. The five enter Ealdor to find that Kanen and his men have returned, and they fight them off. Merlin is approached by his old friend, William, and as they are happily reacquainting themselves, Arthur tells Merlin to gather the villagers so he can talk to them. Arthur makes a speech , encouraging them to defend their village, and that he will lead them. William strongly expresses descent for this idea, while Hunith defends Arthur. William walks away, furious.

Merlin follows Will and tries to make him see that Arthur is there to help, but Will still maintains that Arthur, and men like him, are only interested in military glory. He finishes the discussion with asking Merlin that if Arthur is his friend, why has he not told him about his magic. That night, before going to sleep, Arthur questions Merlin about his childhood and why he came to Camelot. After a small pause, Merlin states that he was looking for a place where he belonged. Arthur asks if he has had any luck, to which Merlin answers that he’s not sure, yet.

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