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Episode: The Dragon’s Call
Written by: Julian Jones
Directed by: James Hawes

A young Merlin makes his way from his home town of Ealdor to live with Gaius, a friend of his webmd online pharmacy http://rxreviewz.com/webmd-com/ mother’s in Camelot. Unfortunately for Merlin, King Uther has banned the use of magic for the past 20 years, since the Great Dragon was captured. Merlin arrives in Camelot just in time to see a man beheaded for the crime of using enchantments. As he watches in horror – a young lady from a window above does so too (later revealed that this is lady Morgana). Just as Uther is about to declare the beginning of a festival, a scream raises up from the crowd. A hag known as Mary Collins tells Uther that the only evil in the land is him, and his hatred for magic, and that the man that he had just sentenced to death was her son. She decrees “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth – A son for a son” and disappears into a puff of smoke before she can be arrested. Uther declares the official beginning to the festivities, and later visits Morgana, the daughter of his deceased close friend and his ward, where they get into an argument over the persecution of people who use magic, and Uther demanding that Morgana join the festivities and attend a performance by Lady Helen, Camelot’s best singer. Merlin walks into the castle, and asks some guards for directions to Gaius, the court physician. As Merlin enters Gaius’ rooms, he sees a man standing on a ladder, sorting out books. Merlin clears his throat, and the man fall backwards, off the ladder, and down off a balcony. Time slows down, Merlin’s eyes flash gold, and he moves the bed in the room to break the man’s fall. The man( revealing himself as Gaius), flustered, asks Merlin how he did that, and where he learnt magic. After denying it at first, Merlin finally admits that he has always been able to do magic, that he was born with it. Gaius calms down and asks Merlin who he is. Gaius tells Merlin that he won’t tell anyone about his magic, to be careful and thanks him for saving his life.

Night has fallen and a carriage has stopped in the middle of the woods leading to Camelot. Some guards patrol around what is revealed to be Lady Helen’s carriage, returning to Camelot. Noises alert Lady Helen that something is not right, when Mary Collins appears in the mirror behind her. Mary murders Lady Helen using voodoo, and quickly takes her place, morphing into her likeness – however, the reflection in the mirror still reveals her true form.

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