Mercury’s War

Breeds, Book #16

Feline Breeds, Book #10

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9780425224182

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*Beware of spoilers*

Sanctuary, the safe haven for the Breeds, couldn’t function the way it does without funding.  And, their biggest donor is Vanderale Industries, ran by the first Leo and his family.  But the Vanderales’ want to make sure their money is being spent wisely so they sent one of their employees to check over their books.  Nobody at Sanctuary is happy about it, but they will do whatever it takes to keep the money coming in.

Ria hates the games that Dane Vanderale pulls her into, and this one is no exception!  She’s come to Sanctuary, but under false pretenses.  Leo would never pull the funding for Sanctuary, and would be pretty steamed if he knew what his son, Dane, was up to!  She’d get an earful as well since she let herself be pulled into Dane’s scheme as well.

Mercury has been assigned as Ria’s bodyguard while she’s working at Sanctuary and goes everywhere with her.  They had some close calls with security that leads him to eventually staying in her cabin with her.  It makes Ria’s sneaky work difficult to say the least, not to mention the sexual attraction between the two is off the charts!  Eventually they give in to their desires, but are saddened with the lack of a mating bond.  Mercury knew that the little lioness, Alaiya, that died in the labs was his mate.  Therefore, Ria couldn’t be.  However, he sure had hoped to be wrong about Alaiya, especially every time he saw the sadness in Ria that she isn’t his mate.

Then, the unexpected happens and Alaiya, who was supposedly dead, turns up at Sanctuary to claim her mate.

I really enjoyed this book.  I found the storyline interesting and engaging and as the book got going, I didn’t want to put it down!  And, of course we get the scorching sex scenes you come to expect from Lora Leigh.  Nothing too kinky in this one, just sweet, sweaty, hot mating!

I loved Mercury, he didn’t even have that asshole moment that most of Leigh’s males have at some point.  He was a loyal and loving guy and he sure enjoyed doting on his woman.  Mercury, you can take me on a shopping spree like you took Ria on any time!  It was nice to see him get the mate that he thought he’d never have.  And, I liked seeing his chained inner animal final find his freedom as well, his animal became its own character to me, even though we only saw small glimpses of it.

Ria was a strong woman in her own right.  She’d have to be with the childhood she had and growing up under the Vanderales’ watchful eyes.  I loved how protective Dane was of her.

Speaking of Dane, I enjoy him way too much and can’t wait to read his story!  He brings a humor and fun that so many of the Breeds lack.

“And as he watched, the first powerful four-legged lion stepped into the clearing. The male animal shook the snow from its dark, flowing mane, tilted its head and roared into the night.

Another call followed, and yet another. And as Dane watched, Lawe and Rule moved warily from their positions, edging back to the limo as he threw the doors open and allowed the two Breeds to slide inside the warmth of the car.

Rye didn’t bother to get out and enter the back through a door. He slid over the seat positioned behind the driver’s area and stared back at Dane in surprise.

“There’s a lot of fucking lions out there,” he commented uncomfortably.

They were screaming into the night now, spurred by the animal Dane could swear he could feel heading this way.

Another animal stepped in. A lioness, her scream echoing through the night as the lions surrounded the cabin.

A dozen fully grown, enraged creatures, following one simple command. To protect Mercury’s mate. 

Dane let a smile tip his lips as he opened the small bar set in the center of the seat and pulled free the whiskey and glasses.

“Looks like the night just got interesting, my friends,” he drawled, pouring the alcohol. “I say we enjoy the show while we can.”

Ria’s mate was coming for her.”

It’s hard to believe how much this series has evolved.  I despised the first book in the series and now I can’t get enough of it!