Ryan Kwanten from ‘True Blood’ did a photoshoot with GQ. He strikes some stylish poses dressed up in all kinds of durable pieces that will carry him through the cold, wet months ahead, from leather bombers to indestructible work boots.

In season one of ‘True Blood’ Ryan had sex by a Dumpster, suffered a drug-induced perma-erection, was accused of murdering four women, and got swept up by a religious cult. And he was naked (at least partially) in eleven of twelve episodes. “I led the way in the sexual-shenanigans department in the first season,” says the 32-year-old Australian native. Kwanten may play a dim womanizer on-screen, but offscreen he’s smart enough to suffer the indignities of his nude scenes with a smile. Besides, Kwanten says, “This season, Anna Paquin is far more naked than I am.”

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During this photoshoot Ryan kept his pants on but that doesn’t stop him from looking very sexy. And the shirtless pics are also very nice. What do you think about this GQ-photoshoot? And do you like Ryan in this stylish clothes?